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If you repeat the same process multiple times, it’s time to consider automation. Automation sensitivity is a function of the complexity of the task performed and its frequency.

The illustration above shows the four quadrants of automation sensitivity:


Frequency – the number of times per year that you perform a given process. For instance:

  • One pull from GitHub per month

  • One WordPress post per day

  • 10 SAP Hybris eCommerce publications per hour

Operations – the number of steps required to complete a process. For instance:

  • Pull from GitHub, Load into BWX, Pre-translate, Assign to translators, Deliver

  • Pull from WordPress via REST API, Load into BWX, Pre-Translate, Assign to Agencies, Assign to Translators, Assign to In-country Reviewers, Publish as Draft, Assign to QA, Publish as Final

  • Pull from SAP Hybris, Load into BWX, Pre-translate, Assign to Translators, Publish

If your process is in Quadrant 1, you can stop reading now. 😉 You are off the hook.

But if your process lies in Quadrants 2 through 4 you should strongly consider automating that process.

When it comes to localization, most processes have a high number of operations simply due to the number of languages with which you operate. If you perform 3 operations but work with 10 languages, that’s 30 operations right off the bat.

#Tip 01

Most clients we see only consider automating when things are out of control. That’s tip #1:

Start automating early. It’s less expensive, more sustainable, and more scalable. This spares you from having to re-engineer chaos into processes.

Automation need is typically easily circumvented through, people, trackers, processes. It can easily camouflage itself as productivity. But from an organizational perspective, it’s wasted effort.

Talk to us for a free assessment of automation opportunities in your localization program.

#Tip 02

Most clients we see try to automate processes as they are. But in our perspective, before automating, processes must be reduced to their essence. That’s tip #2:

Simplify as much as possible before beginning to structure your automation

Automation will typically also be limited by the kinds of API endpoints available, how well they perform, the compatibility between how different platforms treat their data. These constraints must be assessed along with the design of any automation to avoid undesired surprises.

But don’t worry. That’s why you can rely on us. We have over 15 years of industry experience handling everything from super simple to highly complex automation scenarios. Our solution architects, customer success managers, and all our engineers are focused on a single end goal: to deliver maximum simplicity and predictability in the localization programs we manage or advise.

Let’s get the conversation going. No strings attached. Talk to us, get our initial opinion and see for yourself if we have the level of expertise that’s missing in your localization program.

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