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Bureau Works is not your average Translation Management System

We're a fun-loving team who loves delivering an awesome experience.


Helping millions of organizations translate better.

Our Story

Our story began in 2005 with a vision to create a translation management system (TMS) that truly serves the needs of translators and project managers. Frustrated with the limitations of existing tools, our founders set out to build a platform that was not only powerful but also easy to use.

Today, Bureau Works has grown into a global leader in translation management. With a team committed to one goal: empowering translation and localization teams to succeed through superior translation management.

Stats to be proud of

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Growing Success Through People

It takes extraordinary people to create a remarkable product.

Agility and Innovation
We adapt quickly to changes, embracing new ideas, methods, and technology to keep our clients ahead.
Commitment to Client Success
We show genuine interest in our clients' success through proactive actions and high-quality solutions.
No Excuses
We find solutions instead of making excuses and take responsibility for our actions.
Transparency and Honesty
We communicate openly and honestly, sharing feedback and discussing challenges.
Curiosity and Continuous Learning
Our curiosity drives us to explore new knowledge and skills, ensuring we provide the best TMS to our clients.
Consistency in Performance
Maintaining excellence is key to our fast delivery pace, ensuring our clients receive reliable improvements.

Innovator of the Year
by LocWorld 2023

Our Context Sensitive feature uses LLMs to make decisions, blending content from machine translation, translation memories, and glossaries to produce a contextualized and accurate pre-translation. See article.

Featured at the largest engineering event  

Our engineering team also had a paper accepted at CAIN 2024, which is considered to be the world's largest engineering fair.

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