Stay ahead of the curve

Technology is an incredible ally if you used properly. Bureau Works has created the perfect environment for seamless collaboration between high-performing professional translators and state of the art large language models such as Chat GPT. The difference between those who are able to leverage technology to their benefit and those who are not will only increase. Translators who integrate Chat GPT into their workflow report:

  • more peace of mind when confirming a segment
  • reduced anxiety prior to delivering a translation project
  • increased productivity
  • improved confidence and morale
  • better client feedback

This is only the beginning

Our team of software engineers and data scientists are working day and night to explore every angle that could bring benefit to the lives of professional translators. We know how lonely it gets. We know how hard it is to make critical linguistic decisions when you have no one available to confer with and we believe that technology will maximize human potential.

Welcome to the world of Humans2

For a long time, our industry has seen a battle between Machine Translation and Professional Translators. The battle is now over. It's time to join forces towards enhancing the human creative spirit, increased productivity and overall satisfaction.

Supported file types

We support dozens of file types with a unique file parsing and segmentation approach. Everything from complex structured files such as XML and YAML to simple Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files is supported. Our platform ensures that our approach to content makes it easy for translators to focus on what they should be translating and prevents them from making undesirable changes to code, variables, and file structures.


Simple but effective, our editor is built in with:

Terminology checks and management
Automated Quality checks
Preview for different asset kinds to maximize contextualization: Documents, Code and Web
On the go Spell-check and Terminology checks
UI/UX flexibility including inline or column visulization, font, spacing and even a dark mode
Reference Files
Change History


Our connectors are based on schedules and routines that allow your program to operate without anyone having to click any button. We focus on creating and mapping out business rules that ensure that these connectors flow seamlessly to and from the translation with minimal human interference.

Stop playing around and take BWX for a spin

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