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Bureau Works is SOC 2 Compliant

We are thrilled to inform you that Bureau Works recently received the SOC 2 Compliance certificate. This means that our company is capable of managing and securing our clients’ data and privileged information.
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We are thrilled to inform you that Bureau Works recently received the SOC 2 Compliance certificate. This means that our company is capable of managing and securing our clients’ data and privileged information. Guaranteeing data security is the best way a company can make sure their data is well handled. It means that a business is less likely to suffer from data theft, hack attacks or information mishandling. On top of that, there are national laws to ensure that such information is looked after by service providers. That is why many of them are preoccupied with ensuring companies that their data is secure. In this light, many methods are available in the market to ensure such security. The SOC 2 Compliance is one of the most effective ones. Have you heard about it before? Keep reading our text to understand why it is so important to have this certificate!

What is SOC 2 compliance?

The SOC 2 Compliance is a procedure created by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) to audition companies. The goal here is to protect the interests of the company at the same time it secures its data.The SOC 2 process is an audition technique that certificates the company’s security and availability. It is a reassuring method that business uses to ensure data security to its clients, as this information is handled in a controlled environment.

Why is SOC 2 compliance important?

Many people do not know, but Google can use your information however it wants if you use one of their services. It’s serious - that is even on Google Translation’s terms and agreements. Therefore, when we talk about producing content and translating, it is really important to make business with a company that takes data protection into account. Thus, ensuring it will not be used in a malicious way or sold to competitors. Bureau Works, por instance, has strict privacy and confidentiality clauses. Those are under our SOC 2 Type 2 Governance and ensures our clients that your content and data will remain private throughout its life.Having their information hacked is a big problem for companies and clients involved. First, because there are legal parameters that a company must follow in order to ensure the confidentiality of its clients and services. Secondly, there is a moral component of data security. Would you trust in a company that had data security problems?  Most companies would say “no” to this question. Nowadays, data security is getting a bigger and bigger role inside businesses.

The SOC 2 compliance is a procedural method that ensures the auditioning of companies and data collected. Thus, having this certificate means that the company is capable of properly handling the valuable information about its clients. That is the reason why we are proud to inform our clients we are part of the selected group given this certificate.

This kind of certification is given by auditors not related to the firm after a careful review of the company’s compliance system. As a consequence, it is viewed as an impartial method of evaluation - which brings even more credibility to the companies that have the certificate. Receiving such certificates is a sign that the company develops important procedures in order to protect its clients data, using encryption, firewalls and other tools to ensure it. This guarantees that the information is free from unauthorized or suspicious activities. SOC 2 certificated companies send out alerts every time there is exposure or modification of data, control or configurations. In addition to that, file transfer activities and privileged filesystem, account or login access have also alarms set up.Unlike other types of data security methods, SOC 2 compliance reports and auditions are customized for each company’s evaluation. Therefore, it can provide relevant information on how each one of them takes care of its data. The SOC 2 Certification takes five trust principles into account.


The first component of the SOC 2 certification is privacy. In other words, this is the area responsible for auditioning the system’s collection, usage and disclosure of personal information. These must be done in accordance with the organization’s privacy notice. Furthermore, the organization's privacy notice must use criteria determined by the American Institute of CPAs’ Generally Accepted Privacy Principles (GAPP).  In this item, auditors measure the authentication methods of the business, as well as access control and encryption of data.


As the name suggests, confidentiality focuses on data that are labeled as confidential. Those are information that are restricted to a selected group. Encryption is also measured in the confidentiality trust principle, as it is a way to protect data during transmission. Here, the Network and applications parallels are also measured to ensure that the company can keep private the information of third parties. Rigorous access controls must also be present in order to ensure confidentiality in the SOC 2 certificate’s standards.

Processing Integrity

Processing integrity is the principle that handles quality assurance and if the company is able to achieve what they propose to the clients. In order for this to happen, the data processing must be done in an authorized, complete and timely manner. The processing integrity evaluation is done through the monitoring of the company’s processes. It is important to highlight that this aspect of the SOC 2 certificate does not measure only data integrity, but also how the company monitors its data processing and quality assurance methods.


The availability trust principle auditions a company’s performance, disaster recovery and security incident handling. This is the part responsible for checking the accessibility of a system or service as stipulated by a contract or SLA (Service Level Agreement). “Availability” does not access system usability or functionality. Rather than that, it revolves around security-related requirements that can affect the business’ availability. In this sense, site failover is also accessed in this item.


Finally, the security principle of the SOC 2 certificate refers to how the company protects itself from unauthorized access. Therefore, preventing data security problems that can lead to the leakage of important information. It takes into account two-factor authentication methods, network firewalls and intrusion detection. Furthermore, companies that are given the SOC 2 certificate show that they are dedicated to keeping their clients’ information private. As the evaluation to receive this certificate is done by outside auditors, the quality of the services provided are unquestionable. Bureau Works is committed to data security. That is why we are proud to inform you that we recently received the SOC 2 certificate. Thus, ensuring our company is capable of handling our clients' information in a secure and responsible manner.

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