Translation Services for Medical Offices

Translation services for medical offices aren’t part of most firms’ standard list of offerings; they’re considered a specialty service due to the complexity of the language involved.


How Bureau Works Streamlines Medical Translation

One of the most overlooked tools in the arsenal of a linguist is the translation memory. In the medical industry, language can be challenging because so many terms have multiple meanings—context is needed to understand which translation to use. A well-maintained translation memory specific to the client can improve accuracy and guide linguists to make the right choices based on context. Here’s an example of how it works in-action with and without translation memory:


An in-country reviewer determines they would rather be more specific as “phalange” can refer to fingers or toes. They note in the system to translate it as though it was the word “finger.”


This change is added to the system. For all subsequent translations from that provider, the machine translation tool will suggest “dedo” first when it spots the word “phalange” in a similar context.


A linguist completing a translation comes across the word “phalange” in reference to hand surgery. They translate it to its Spanish counterpart, “falange.” With a word-for-word translation, this is where the process ends; but with Bureau Works’ utilization of translation memory, the translation continues.


The linguist changes the translation to the Spanish word for finger, “dedo.”


In all other subsequent languages, phalange will be treated as the word “finger” for translation.

Medical Translation Services

While this process may seem simple, keep in mind that this could happen hundreds or even thousands of times in a medical office. In multilingual translation, the ability to make simple updates can improve quality while ensuring rapid completion.

Medical Translation Terminology

The key is to create a translation engine specific to that individual provider’s office. At Bureau Works, we start building your translation memory from the first job. Your corporate lexicons and termbases become part of the greater tool that powers your current and future translations. As linguists complete assignments, they receive suggestions specific to your language style and preferences. As a result, the more work you complete with us, the smarter your translation memory gets.

Medical Translators

Translation services for medical offices typically are a niche option that few companies can offer. We work with the best linguists and create client-specific translation memories to ensure accuracy across medical documents based on need, audience, and complexity. Plus, our program grows more intelligent over time to meet even your most sophisticated medical translation requirements.

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Bureau Works offers comprehensive translation services for medical offices, whether your target audience is patients, medical professionals, or regulatory bodies. Contact our team to learn more about our services.

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