Rely on a Robust Quality Management Framework

We either architect from the ground up, or reverse engineer current processes in order to introduce a quality framework that enterprises of all sizes can rely on.


How do we see Quality Management at Bureau Works?

Our quality management system keeps track of EVERY single change throughout the lifecycle of a segment in every single project. This system generates thorough data on the efficiency of your overall localization program. Additionally, it allows for benchmarking each market against your best practices to easily show their evolution over time.

#1 Quality is about data

It’s tough to make informed decisions based on small samples, or disproportionate reactions to a sentence here or there. Data on the other hand shows trends, the deeper correlations between behaviors and expected outcomes as well as an unbiased snapshot of what is happening at a program level, content level, user level, translator level, and so on.

#2 Quality is about governance

Now that you have the data, you can focus on making smart, informed decisions. You can focus on developing benchmarks, processes, and systems that ensure you are driving your collaborators to peak performance.

#3 Quality is about people

And finally, the data empowers you to bring the right people into the mix, not based on theoretical knowledge or experience but based on on-the-job performance and deliverables. This continuous feedback loop drives excellence in every program we have advised or helped manage.

Supported file types

We support dozens of file types with a unique file parsing and segmentation approach. Everything from complex structured files such as XML and YAML to simple Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files is supported. Our platform ensures that our approach to content makes it easy for translators to focus on what they should be translating and prevents them from making undesirable changes to code, variables, and file structures.


Simple but effective, our editor is built in with:

Terminology checks and management
Automated Quality checks
Preview for different asset kinds to maximize contextualization: Documents, Code and Web
On the go Spell-check and Terminology checks
UI/UX flexibility including inline or column visulization, font, spacing and even a dark mode
Reference Files
Change History


Our connectors are based on schedules and routines that allow your program to operate without anyone having to click any button. We focus on creating and mapping out business rules that ensure that these connectors flow seamlessly to and from the translation with minimal human interference.

Reap the benefits of Quality Management in our state of the art platform

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