Translation for Schools & Educational Institutions

Education is more accessible than ever, thanks to advances in computer technology, video conferencing, and internet access. However, there are still some barriers, and the biggest one is language.


Translation for Educational Institutions

Translation for educational institutions and eLearning should cater to the specific needs of students. After all, a primary school curriculum would not have the same translation needs as one for college students. While countries may differ when it comes to educational structuring, grade levels typically fall into four categories.


Post-secondary education is heavily specialized. Translators need specific experience in the subject matter to understand graduate-level concepts and translate them for a new audience. Videos, text, and audio files require support as students will almost certainly encounter them during their studies.


Secondary education is thorough and detailed, and translations need to reflect the nuance expressed in the lessons. However, the audience is still young and varies widely in aptitude and interest. As a result, material needs to be translated in an accurate but accessible manner.


Primary education is a student's introduction to to specific subject matter. Translators need to convey the material in a way that welcomes students into the learning process and keeps students engaged and entertained. It takes an experienced hand to balance education and entertainment!

Early Childhood

The most important part of early childhood education is helping young learners build a foundation of skills and knowledge so that their young brains are prepared to learn! This material needs to be stimulating and varied enough to keep the attention of young minds!

The Bureau Works Platform

Bureau Works supports educational institutions with our innovative localization management platform. Our features and offerings include:

Multilingual support

Many translation platforms for schools only support the major languages without targeting regional dialects. Bureau Works supports a growing number of dialects and can handle translations into as many languages as you need.

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools

CAT tools give linguists the insight, information, and context needed to make the right decisions for your content. Our platform provides suggestions based on your termbases, translation memories, and corporate lexicons. Linguists can also see how content will be displayed via our unique preview panel. These tools provide the guidance needed to generate the best possible translation for your audience.

Multimedia capabilities

Not all translation platforms can handle videos, subtitles, audio files, and more. We provide an end-to-end solution for all your translation needs, whether you need voice-overs, video edits, subtitles, or other media, it can all be managed in Bureau Works. This is especially useful for educational institutions since students learn in many different ways. Our platform supports all diverse learning styles.

Top-tier security

We protect your proprietary or confidential information with our secure platform and encryption services. Even uploading and downloading options are restricted. These measures limit the risk of content leaving the system and winding up in the hands of unauthorized users.

Streamlined workflow 

Our platform provides detailed information on exactly where every piece of content is within the process. You don’t need to track down linguists or follow up on projects because we manage it all for you in one central location.

Billing Management

Bureau Works allows you to automate many of the processes involved in quoting, billing, and paying. These automations allow you to manage exceptions when needed and to keep your focus on what really matters!

Extensive integrations

Our program works with a wide range of content management systems so you can streamline your uploading. These integrations save you a few steps since we can push content live as soon as it’s approved. Your students get the most up-to-date information, and you save time in the process.

Detailed reporting

Do you want to understand where your translation budget goes and which languages offer the highest returns? Our granular-level reporting system can help you see the cost of translation and compare it to engagement levels based on courses, languages, or even specific documents. Those insights can help you design a curriculum plan that’ll be well-received.

Translation for Educational Institutions

We offer the best translation platform for educational institutions, regardless of grade level, language, and subject. With Bureau Works in your corner, you can eliminate barriers to education and provide a curriculum that supports students around the world.

At Bureau Works, we believe everyone deserves a high-quality education. We have designed our translation platform for schools based on this belief

To learn more about how we can help your organization engage students, contact our team.

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