Bureau Works Translation Smells

Imagine having a peer look at your translation trailing spaces and missing tags. We are talking about a run-time semantic verifier that nudges you about deviations in meaning. Translate with more peace of mind and use your added bandwidth to unleash greater creativity and finely crafted translations.

Bureau Works Translation Critic

Don’t feel quite sure about how you translated something? Activate our Translation Critic with the push of a button and see what it has to say about your choice of words. The Bureau Works Translation Critic is like a fresh pair of eyes, unbiased by Translation Memories or Glossaries, looking at the text from a reader’s perspective. And don’t worry, you can completely ignore its advice and it won’t get mad. 🙂

Bureau Works Quality Professor

Our Bureau Works Quality Professor categorizes your changes and explains their rationale as you (or your reviewers) edit translations. You can override its suggestions but they save precious time and energy and generate a ton of quality data that you can leverage to train your reviewers, provide clients and stakeholders with or just use as fuel for the Bureau Works Autopilot.

Context Sensitive Translate      

Integrate Translation Memories, Machine Translations, and Glossaries into a unified, smart, and contextualized feed that makes a best attempt to learn from you.


Proofread performs a best attempt to fix any potential mistakes while respecting word choice and overall sentence structure.


Translation Smells is a semantic analyzer. It examines a given translation looking for potential deviations in meaning, omissions and a wide variety of mistakes. While the absence of smells does not mean a translation is error-free, the presence of smells is a probable indication of errors worth examining.

Alternative Suggestion      

The Alternative Suggestion provides an alternative way of expressing the same translation. In addition, it also explains the rationale behind the word choices.


Our Review Assessment performs a best attempt at categorizing the nature of the edits performed to a translation segment using your categorization schema. It also tries to describe the change and how it makes the edited version better or worse.

Learning Terms      

Learning Terms extracts terms and their respective translations as a part of the translation product. Terms are added as learning terms and can later be upgraded to full glossary terms by users with the right level of permissions.

Part of Speech Classifier      

Our POS Classifier performs a best attempt of identifying the corrects POS for any given term added to your terminology.

Fix Tags      

Fix Tags performs a best attempt to ensure the translated text preserves the same tag structure as the original source text.

Supported file types

We support dozens of file types with a unique file parsing and segmentation approach. Everything from complex structured files such as XML and YAML to simple Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files are supported. Our platform makes it easy for translators to focus on what they should be translating and prevents them from making undesirable changes to code, variables, and file structures.


Simple but effective, our editor is built with:

Terminology checks and management
Automated Quality checks
Preview for different asset types to maximize contextualization: Documents, Code and Web
On-the-go spell-checking and terminology checks
UI/UX flexibility including inline or column visulization, font, spacing and even a dark mode
Reference Files
Change History

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