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CEO Gabriel Fairman: 2023 Innovator of the Year at LocWorld.

Gabriel Fairman, our CEO, secured the 2023 Innovator of the Year – USA Award at LocWorld’s 15th Process Innovation Challenge.
Rodrigo Demetrio
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Gabriel Fairman, representing Bureau Works, won the prestigious 2023 Innovator of the Year – USA Award at the 15th Process Innovation Challenge hosted by LocWorld. This event took place on October 11th at LocWorld50 in San Jose, USA.

Fairman's innovative creation, the "BWX Generative Language Engine - Translation Smells," is at the forefront of a new era in decision-making technology. It excels in making smart decisions quickly and can be powered by GPT instances from Azure and Open AI, or custom instances. This groundbreaking advancement takes AI beyond simple "question and answer" to become a sophisticated problem solver for language. The benefits are significant, including a remarkable 50% reduction in editing time, giving linguists more control, and making human translation much better.

The second-place award went to Mathijs Sonnemans (Blackbird International Inc) for his innovation, "Setting up Custom LLM Orchestrations in Minutes." This solution makes it easy for everyone to use AI through custom and intelligent LangChain solutions.

Catarina Farinha (Unbabel) took the third position with her innovation, "Content Transcreation Layer for Cultural Awareness using Responsible Generative AI." Her innovation cleverly adapts live messages to match the cultural expectations of the sender.

Dave Ruane, the PIC founder and co-host, pointed out that Generative AI technology played a significant role in four out of the six final innovations. He highlighted the rapid emergence of new technology platforms at PIC and anticipated further innovations in the coming year. The live final event had the largest audience yet, with over 350 localization professionals providing valuable feedback and engagement to the innovators on-site. Thanks were extended to all innovators, judges (referred to as "dragons"), as well as Jason Mars and Monte Wilson for their leadership from the innovation and investment communities.

The PIC dragons for this event were Alessandra Binazzi (Globalization Strategy Consulting), Erik Vogt (Vogt Strategy), and Ben Cornelius (Cornelius Communications). Alex Bernet (LocWorld) and Dave Ruane (XTM International) played key roles in producing and hosting the event. Special thanks were also extended to Multilingual Magazine, LocWorld, and XTM International for their support.

The following innovators and their groundbreaking innovations emerged as the finalists of the 15th PIC event:

  • Gabriel Fairman – Bureau Works – "Generative Language Engine"
  • Catarina Farinha – Unbabel – "Content Transcreation Layer for Cultural Awareness using Responsible Generative AI"
  • Sheriff Issaka – African Languages Lab – "All Voices: Empowering Text and Audio Data Collection and Validation for Low-Resourced Languages"
  • Emily Randall – Uber – "Quill: Bringing context to the 'Point of Translation'"
  • Mathijs Sonnemans – Blackbird International Inc – "Setting up Custom LLM Orchestrations in Minutes"
  • Ágnes Varga – memoQ – "Adaptive Generative Translation (AGT)"
Rodrigo Demetrio
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