Our Mission

Our Mission is to minimize the effort required to deliver enterprise-grade translation while maximizing the human authorship experience.

Our Vision is that without the aid of technology, human translation will become prohibitively expensive, restricted, and largely obsolete.

We propose that the human creative spirit can channel itself through technology in order to to reach its full potential.

We do not propose that humans should be bypassed, erased, or pushed out of the translation process.

We recognize that the market requires translations to be better, faster, and cheaper.

We believe that this should not be achieved by commoditizing and devaluing translators.

We suggest that emergent technology can help deliver market requirements and preserve translator integrity. 

We recognize that this path is challenging.

We insist that this can be achieved by leveraging technology and emphasizing the valuable human traits of critical inquiry, deconstruction, lateral thinking, and creativity.

Our technology is designed to help, not to replace.

Our technology is designed to assist, not impose.

Our company is about thinking beyond traditional constructs so that we can focus on what truly matters: maintaining human creative relevance in a fully mature digital landscape.

Our belief is that the future of translation is no longer a race between mind and machine. 

Our work is to merge them. 

Our future is technologically augmented translation where humans are at the wheel.

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