The hub for orchestrating content delivery globally
Getting content to your international markets doesn’t need to be disjointed and overwhelming. Bureau Works puts you back in control by aligning your people, content and processes - all in one platform. Stop managing the chaos and start building a comprehensive global content ecosystem.


Imagine every localization project flowing through a single platform, no matter how it was sent. What if you had every language vendor, internal reviewer and project manager working in concert, using the same terminology and leveraging the same translation memories. With Bureau Works you can organize your entire global content operation – and measure the results with ease!


Everything in Bureau Works is API-based. That means lots of off-the-shelf integrations - Adobe Experience Manager, Github, Zendesk, Slack and much more. Plus fast custom integrations for all of your proprietary systems. No more content silos. All roads lead to Bureau Works.


Transparency drives accountability. Thread-based communication is woven into the system and tied directly to decisions. That means no more guessing how a certain translation choices came to be. Performance and quality discussions can be based on rich data visualization. Solve content issues rather than passing the buck.


Bureau Works uses customized tags to automate the assignment of projects to the right talent. Automation algorithms leverage tagging along with deep data intelligence to maximize production efficiency. Let the machine do what it’s good at so that you can focus on the human side of content delivery.

Get back in the driver’s seat. Stop guessing. Start knowing!

Streamline in-market review

Getting your in-market reviewers and your translation vendors to collaborate can be like herding cats. Bureau works brings structure and accountability to the process.

  • Flexible review workflows that fit your organization

  • Easy interface for reviewers to add value

  • Thread based communication so you can drill into each decision

Hold people accountable

We are tired of the “black box” mentality. Bureau Works moves you into “open book” engagements with your vendors and translators. Drill down from high level quality data to see exactly what choices people are making - whether translators, LSPs or your own staff. Drive fact-based conversations and avoid the “he-said, she-said” so common in the language industry.

  • Monitor language change rates for each language - even down to individual translators

  • Track spending and performance metrics for every vendor

  • Inform your vendor business reviews with data - not with subjective perceptions

Merge global content flows

How can you ever measure the ROI for localization if work is happening in silos throughout your company? Bureau Works solves the silo problem by enabling a single location for every file type, every content source and every submission pathway. Whether it’s an integrated continuous localization flow or old-school email requests with file attachments, Bureau Works captures it all and applies intelligent processing to move every file through the pipeline.

  • Localization support for all common files types

  • Intelligent quoting for quick project launch

  • Automated allocation of work based on your unique workflows

  • Custom dashboards to measure spend, quality and operational performance

Tighten global brand oversight

Think about how much effort is put into creating and managing your brand. With Bureau Works you can get the same level of control and consistency in every international market

  • Visual style guides with local market approval workflows

  • Universal use of approved terminology - by staff and vendors alike

  • Selective tagging of preferred translators

  • Video, PDF and other Media QA tools for market sign-off on branded assets

Join the global content revolution!

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