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Bureau Works offers  the technical know-how and in-country experience you need to reach consumers with a marketing message that really resonates.


The Three Pillars of Marketing Translation

Marketing content must be relevant, contextually accurate, and convey the right tone to really engage a new market. Bureau Work’s helps you stay true to your brand with services built upon three pillars of excellence.

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Key Brand Terminology

Bureau Works has the right knowledge management tools to survive in a world where SEO is becoming increasingly a key component of content marketing. Our glossary feature allows you to easily add key brand terms to your library and ensure that your translators and reviewers are all adhering to the same conventions. And this isn’t limited to SEO. It’s about mapping out how your brand relates to your audience at a granular level and ensuring that no matter how large your international operations are, you are able to ensure that brand management is in tip-top shape.

Brand Enthusiasts

A brand’s core values or product benefits may not translate as well to a new audience without some basic adjustments. Thoughtful localization ensures that a marketing message remains relevant as it’s exposed to new consumers. Our linguist selection process ensures that we are bringing in linguists that have a deep appreciation, affinity, and enthusiasm for your brand. It’s this enthusiasm that allows them to go the extra mile as far as putting themselves in your audience’s shoes.

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Localization Efficiency

If your markets have to change translations significantly once they receive them, something is broken in the process. Our Localization Efficiency Index (LEI) allows you to easily track markets that are operating seamlessly versus those that are having to rework the content. It gives us data and visibility as far as what needs to be adjusted, and if anyone in the team needs to be replaced. The fact that we build out customized teams for each of your markets allowing them to pick translators that jive with their way of expressing themselves is key to the successful implementation of this framework.

The Bureau Works Approach to Marketing Translation Services

Our sole focus is on ensuring that your content is translated in a way that’s true to your brand while also reaching the new customers you want to connect with. We accomplish this with three vital campaign components.

Brand Enthusiasts

A key part of adapting your brand message accurately is working with someone who already understands it. We seek out brand enthusiasts who are familiar with the brand and the industry. They can provide expert opinions and recognize when more insight and collaboration is needed. As they already understand the brand and enjoy it, they’re much more likely to go the extra mile to translate content in a way that speaks to other potential fans.

In-Country Collaboration

Collaboration with writers can be a very personal process. This is why we allow the in-country review unit to custom-make their translation team based on who they enjoy working with the most. This establishes a common goal and eliminates the risk of interpersonal conflicts that delay projects. It’s a means of empowering the in-country team with leadership in all parts of the process.


Automation and integration are vital parts of any marketing translation project. Automation streamlines workflows and eliminates the need to translate terms repeatedly. Integrations allow for end-to-end localization for fast and efficient delivery of translation updates so your markets aren’t kept waiting.

Technical Tools

We offer a robust platform that streamlines translation with direct, transparent communication. You can clearly see where everything is in the process. In addition, we allow your feedback to guide future translation projects. If the in-country review team evaluates a document and makes changes to enhance the content, those changes are immediately integrated into your translation memory, ensuring that those revisions carry forward into future projects and that no one has to waste time translating repeat strings over again. All of our tools undergo continuous improvement so they continue to be intuitive and responsive to your brand.

Clear Transparency

We offer a robust platform that streamlines translation with direct, transparent communication. You can clearly see where everything is in the process. In addition, we allow your feedback to guide future translation projects.

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