A translation editor that wants to become your best friend

Forget about traditional paradigms. BWX integrates with cutting edge AI  to provide you with unprecedented insights and companionship.


Our editor makes it easy

Whether your need to keep track of translation dilation or adherence to your glossaries, or editor makes it easy for you to keep track of all aspects of your translation workflow. Take advantage of our FREE* (only for translators) machine translation engine, BWX Translate, or integrate with your own. Add comments while you translate so that you know which segments to return to later. It's a real translation workhorse.

Next level contextualization

It's a ridiculously competitive landscape and every bit of advantage counts. Our live preview allows you to understand how your sentences will look when published. This is particularly powerful for websites, code, or other visually contextualized content. It's not just about what words say, it's about how they look and where they are placed.

Terminology beast

Add terms to your glossaries on the fly. Our editor will remind you of all your terminology in one or multiple glossaries at the same time.


Our connectors are based on schedules and routines that allow your program to operate without anyone having to click any button. We focus on creating and mapping out business rules that ensure that these connectors flow seamlessly to and from the translation with minimal human interference.

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