A long time ago, there were updates. I used to post about the features and changes in BWX (Bureau Works), as some sort of semi-official release notes. At that time, we were building our Editor and content management capabilities, along with some connectors, and between pandemic and a LOT of work towards our product, those updates stopped.

So a LOT has happened since then. A LOT. So much so that as of right now we will just update on the new and exciting things that we are building from a certain point in time (starting in the last few weeks). Updates, shall we?

Major Redesign – Faster, Better

We rebuilt the entire user interface from scratch. Following the adage that form follows function, we took everything we learned from our first iteration in Bureau Works and created a new experience, one that loads about 70% faster and has a lighter footprint on your browser. Screen transitions are smoother, loading times are better as we applied better principles across the board for loading collections from the backend.



Project Manager Dashboard

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Projects Dashboard

The Editor

Our most important change has been the introduction of our own CAT Tool, the BWX Editor. Tightly integrated to Project and Workflow management, our Editor simply closes the gap between our TMS (Translation Management System) and the content handling that comes with it. With a refined access control, linguists and stakeholders will share the same workspace for collaborating in that Word document translation, or complex, 50,000+ files projects.

Fully integrated with Machine Translation and the ability to use multiple translation memories, our editor is capable of creating a productive working session for the professionals that will use it. Attach your glossaries, and your message will be consistent across multiple files at once, with the ability to load (and preview!) more than one asset.

I will highlight specific Editor features in upcoming posts, thus we can better explore and detail each one. The Editor has a multitude of layers and workflows that come associated with it, so hang in there!

Multi-tenant Architecture – Fine-grained Access Control

Do you want to share your translation projects with your team? Sure, that’s fine. Do you want to bring in 5 agencies, one for each branch or department in your Fortune 500 company? That’s also possible with BWX. We’ve designed and architected the system to suit a translator’s needs, as well as the most complex use cases that involve people in multiple timezones, allocation of jobs based on languages, connectors and whatnots.

Users can normally act on the following roles in BWX:

  • Admin: where the bucket stops.
  • Project Managers: will have access to projects and tasks, and can have scope limited to specific Organizations and even Organizational Units.
  • Linguists: people who will be assigned Tasks and be able to open jobs in the Editor, perform QA tasks, among others.
  • Requesters: they have access to the system, and can create new projects/requests. Scope can also be broad or limited.

Actionable Tasks

Everything in BWX can be represented as a Task. A translation from English to Japanese with 5,000 words is a Task that can be assigned to 1 person. In Workflow automation, a Task can be an external web hook call. If you’re a project manager, you can create Tasks manually for you or the team to act on, complete with due dates and detailed instructions. Tasks can also be assigned a value, which can be then paid to linguists. Cool, right?

New Connectors

With BWX, we’ve introduced new Connectors to our portfolio:

  • GitHub – all scope configuration is now handled in the repository, and BWX will only setup the references.
  • Eloqua – the Oracle platform for email and marketing content localization.
  • WordPress – a newly minted, REST-based connector that is independent from plugins.
  • Marketo – localize your marketing automation assets.

More to Come

Every week or so will update this blog with the cool features of BWX. Like my kids say, click-subscribe to know more! Oh, the beach photo? That’s where we’ve been hanging since the last update. =)


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November 1, 2021

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