Expert eLearning Translation Services

At Bureau Works, we’ve learned how to make the eLearning localization process simple.


Through our integrated approach, translators can:

Reap the benefits of AI with our ChatGPT integration

Create and track their translation projects

Generate automatic quotes for their clients

Work within our cloud-based translation editor

Take advantage of free machine translation*

Web-preview for web-based content

Run spell check and customizable QA checks

Create invoices automatically

Keep track of receivables

What to Look for in eLearning Translation Services

When you have a partner experienced in eLearning translation services, they help you to develop a strong process that leverages opportunities for automation and centralization. Here’s what to look for:

ChatGPT Integration
ChatGPT Integration

A few of our key numbers:

Type 2 Certified
Active Clients

A Robust platform

The service provider should offer a robust platform that integrates with your existing content and learning management systems. A smart platform streamlines workflows and allows you to track project status easily

eLearning experts

Having translators with elearning backgrounds is important to ensure you get the right match for your content. They will be better able to understand what your workers need in order to do their jobs and fit into the company culture.

Multimedia capabilities

You should not have to seek out ten different providers to translate all your material. The right provider will be set up for multimedia capabilities to adapt all of your content, including videos, audio files, graphics, and more.

Transparent communication

You should be able to see exactly where your content is in the pipeline and reach out to your translators all in one space. With transparent communication, you can develop truly efficient feedback and revision processes and sign off on content to keep things moving along


Our connectors are based on schedules and routines that allow your program to operate without anyone having to click any button. We focus on creating and mapping out business rules that ensure that these connectors flow seamlessly to and from the translation with minimal human interference.

Simple but effective, our editor is built in with:

Terminology checks and management
Automated Quality checks
Preview for different asset kinds to maximize contextualization: Documents, Code and Web
On the go Spell-check and Terminology checks
UI/UX flexibility including inline or column visulization, font, spacing and even a dark mode
Reference Files
Change History

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