BWX Improvements - October 2023

Exciting updates are here! We've introduced new AI-Powered Actions in the Editor, offering alternative suggestions, proofreading, and tag-fixing to boost productivity and translation quality. Additionally, visual entry status indicators streamline project management, providing at-a-glance insights. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!
Rodrigo Demetrio
8 min
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It has been a busy month for us here at BWX where we find ourselves neck deep in exciting product updates. Aside from that we've been traversing the US to attend and contribute to Locworld; the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management.

Product Updates🚀

This month we're proud to offer up some significant leaps forward with regards to our monthly feature updates that will surely make you set down your coffee, lean into your screen and read on.

New AI-Powered Actions in Editor

What it does

Just when you thought that AI button in BWX couldn't be more useful, we've upended your entire AI belief system. Now when you click the AI button in editor you'll find several new features. Now you can access alternative suggestions, just in case that first AI developed phrase isn't quite on point with your brand or tone. Then you will also find comprehensive proofreading, the AI analyzer that examines your text for potential issues. Lastly, you will see our new AI-driven intelligent tag-fixing, for those easily missed micro mistakes that often come with tag errors.

Why this is helpful

With the ever-committed goal of productivity we are always looking for ways to bridge the gaps in the translation process where human time can be freed from monotony. With machine learning and AI we're able to develop trusted, reliable systems that quicken the work, enhance the quality and deepen the meaning of your translations. Also we just want you to be able to close the laptop, put up your feet and enjoy that Baco Noir.

Connectors - Add Entry Status is Project Overview

What it does

Ok if you're anything like me you need visual triggers mixed within the information overload of complex dashboards - especially in powerful tools like BWX. Well, we know the importance of softening the experience using visual queues in the user interface that will  quickly aid in navigation and decision making. That's why we've implemented visual indicators in the form of colored "bullets" to represent the status of entries. Each color corresponds to a different status: Red for "Error," Blue for "Ready," and Green for "Completed." This feature is specifically implemented for connector projects. Furthermore, the mouse-over feature offers additional details when needed, making it easier for PMs to manage and monitor projects efficiently.

Why this is helpful

If you're a Project Manager (PM) you'll be elated that this one small feature improvement means you no longer need to open individual files and check the connector tab. Now this at-a-glance overview of entry statuses empowers you to navigate forward with the data you're looking for. Now, that busy morning as you check in on the project before you log into the 8am zoom meeting, standing in the kitchen with coffee in one hand, a piece of dry toast in the other yelling at the kids to hurry for the bus... just got a little less stressful. It's amazing what a few less clicks can do for your whole day isn't it? We got you.

New locales in BWX EN-CN & EN-TWA

What it does

This enhancement introduces two new language combinations: "en-cn" for English in China and "en-twa" for English in Taiwan.

Why this is helpful

The adoption of English in Taiwan and China is so significant that some research indicates that approximately 20% of the population has some level of English proficiency, resulting in a demand for English localization in both countries. China and Taiwan share a common goal of improving their English language skills to facilitate international communication and access global opportunities.

Deepl API with a More Informal Tone

What it does

I'm a big fan of informal tone (have you noticed?). It's my favorite way to speak to people, it reminds us that we're all the same in a fundamental way. Informal tone, to me, reminds us that the message is more important than the messenger or the audience; it says,  "I trust you to understand me because I understand you." It's how to talk to the most important people in my life.
Of course there is always a place where formality is fundamental. I think the informal tone can reach audiences in a unique way.
I'm not alone in this philosophy it would seem because our developers have worked tirelessly to introduce an additional parameter to enhance formality control in your translations. This feature update lets you specify the desired tone of your translation, making it a valuable tool for tailoring your content's formality level.

Why this is helpful

Now you can harness an elevated degree of expression in your translation. By designating "more" for a formal tone or "less" for an informal approach, you can be certain that your content registers with the right tone depending on your audience.

Switching to a Machine Translation Provider that Accepts Serbian, Marathi, Hindi, and Filipino Tagalog

What it does

Translation is a sticky business as you know. Much of the inner workings in the translation process are built on the frameworks of translation precursor technology. This enhancement provides a solution for instances where a Machine Translation (MT) provider, such as DeepL, doesn't support specific languages, including Serbian, Marathi, Hindi, and Filipino Tagalog. When these unsupported languages are encountered, the system will seamlessly switch to another MT provider capable of handling these languages.

Why this is helpful

This feature addresses the challenge of working with languages that are not supported by a particular MT provider. By automatically switching to an alternative provider for Serbian, Marathi, Hindi, and Filipino Tagalog, it ensures that translation services are available for a wider range of languages, maintaining consistency and quality in language support.

Rodrigo Demetrio
Steering the marketing ship at Bureau Works with 17+ years of MarTech under my belt, I transform mere ideas into tangible realities. Passionate about languages and their power to build bridges, let's build a new one?
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