BWX Improvements - September 2023

This month we present to you several show-stopping updates that will make your translation chores even more efficient. So read on and dive in!
Rodrigo Demetrio
2 min
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This month we present to you several show-stopping updates that will make your translation chores even more efficient. So read on and dive in!

Visual Feedback of Auto-Translate Progress

What it does

Ever wonder how your content gets magically translated? 🤔Our new feature lets you watch this process unfold in the Project. It'll show you what's been translated smoothly and what needs a little nudge.

Why this is helpful

This way, you can easily identify areas that might need attention, track the overall progress 📊, and ensure the outcome meets your standards.

Side note: This feature is still in development as a beta version, and the current implementation may not reflect the final result.

List Projects Percentage and Info

What it does

In the "List Projects" view, we've spiced things up a bit! Now, you'll see the percentage completion and an info icon ℹ️ that breaks down the status by language.

Why this is helpful

This feature update offers a turbocharged way to check out your project's journey. Imagine a quick glance providing you with project progress and the scoop on each language's status.💡

Switch Languages in 'Translation Smells' Feedback

What it does

Want to switch up the language for suggestions and comments in 'Translation Smells'? No problem! Head over to the 'Document' tab in the editor. You've got three options: the usual English (Default), Target Language, or Source Language. Choose whatever feels right for you!

Why this is helpful

You can now tweak the language for suggestions and comments just how you like it. It's all about making things more comfy and tailored just for you!

My Account Tab got fresh updates

What it does

If you're an 'Account-Admin', take a peek at the 'My Account' tab. We've loaded it with some key account stuff. Before, all of this was hiding in the 'Accounts' tab. New additions include: Hierarchy View, MT Settings, Recommendation Settings, Cancellation Options, Segmentation Settings, and, oh, the Account Name too!

Why this is helpful

Attention Account-Admins: We've streamlined the process for you. In the past, managing your account details meant toggling between various tabs, which wasn't the most efficient. Now, all essential account management details have been centralized under the 'My Account' tab. This means quicker access, reduced back-and-forth, and a more organized view.

Boosted Performance with Enhanced Reactivity in the Editor

What it does

Our platform is already known for its speed, but now it can be even faster. With this configuration, you'll enhance segment loading performance, typing actions, and the display of tags, terms, and glossary highlights. The choice is yours: fast or ultra-fast?

Why this is helpful

The new reactive segmentation feature improves the performance, accuracy, and user experience of the translation editor.

For example, the new feature can help to:

  • Load segments more quickly, so that translators can work more efficiently.
  • Display tags, terms, and glossary highlights in real time, so that translators can see the context of the text they are translating and make more accurate translations.
  • Make the editor more responsive and user-friendly, so that translators can work more comfortably and productively.

Rodrigo Demetrio
Steering the marketing ship at Bureau Works with 17+ years of MarTech under my belt, I transform mere ideas into tangible realities. Passionate about languages and their power to build bridges, let's build a new one?
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