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Through our integrated approach, translators can:

Reap the benefits of AI with our ChatGPT integration

Create and track their translation projects

Generate automatic quotes for their clients

Work within our cloud-based translation editor

Take advantage of free machine translation*

Web-preview for web-based content

Run spell check and customizable QA checks

Create invoices automatically

Keep track of receivables

ChatGPT Integration
ChatGPT Integration

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User Experience and Product Localization

When it comes to content localization services, context is king. To translate your content in the most accurate way possible, your linguists need to understand why they’re updating it.

The product translation process is design-driven, after all. The ways in which your content is displayed and guides consumers are vital parts of the user experience. Any company offering to localize your project for new markets needs to ensure your design works just as well for new users as it does for your existing ones.

Unfortunately, many companies focus strictly on translating strings of text without giving linguists much insight into the product itself. Without context, your design won’t convert to the new market, even if your content does.

The smart solution is to work with a company that cares just as much about your user experience as they do your content translation.

Experienced Translators

However, it’s not always possible to employ a linguist who is familiar with your product. This is especially true if you’re a domestic start-up looking to expand into new markets. In this case, consider investing in streamlining the process. Pay for linguists to use and study the app for eight hours or so to allow them to get a complete understanding of your product. This upfront investment will continuously pay off, as your translations will now be contextualized based on the experience gained from your paid study.

Using the UX as a Quality Guide

No matter which product localization services you choose, it is vital to remember it’s a collaborative process. Everyone from your project managers and designers to your marketers, linguists, and business analysts need to be on board. Providing a localization management platform that allows them all to communicate in one space and work on projects together is the ideal way to facilitate a collaborative experience.

The Importance of Context and Key Sensitivity

Keys are the metatags around your text. They are vital because words can mean different things in different contexts. Take the word home, for example. In an app, it can mean the home screen or the user’s home address. A key will tell the software where that word should and shouldn’t apply. Keys will mainly impact two parties in your localization project—linguists and coders.


Our connectors are based on schedules and routines that allow your program to operate without anyone having to click any button. We focus on creating and mapping out business rules that ensure that these connectors flow seamlessly to and from the translation with minimal human interference.

Simple but effective, our editor is built in with:

Terminology checks and management
Automated Quality checks
Preview for different asset kinds to maximize contextualization: Documents, Code and Web
On the go Spell-check and Terminology checks
UI/UX flexibility including inline or column visulization, font, spacing and even a dark mode
Reference Files
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