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Seamlessly keep your website updated with a scalable solutions for small and large websites, compatible with the top CMS.


Through our integrated approach, translators can:

Reap the benefits of AI with our ChatGPT integration

Create and track their translation projects

Generate automatic quotes for their clients

Work within our cloud-based translation editor

Take advantage of free machine translation*

Web-preview for web-based content

Run spell check and customizable QA checks

Create invoices automatically

Keep track of receivables

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Website Translation Services

60% of the world’s top websites are in English, and only 25% of users speak it as their primary language. Offering a foreign language website is possibly the best thing you can do to enjoy immediate expansion, especially since foreign markets are so underserved online. If you don’t plan on offering foreign languages now, it’s an intelligent localization best practice to develop your website in a way that supports that expansion later.

That’s why we leverage robust website translation services that don’t just convert your content–they make it more cost-effective for you by ensuring a consistent user experience no matter how many languages you add.

Scalable solutions for small and large websites

Websites should scale as a company does. When you work with Bureau Works, your website can expand no matter how many languages you add

Considerations in Website Translation Services

Controlling the costs of website translation centers on scalability since websites are constantly changing and being updated. Most business leaders don’t conceptualize how hard this is going to be to manage; they assume it’s a simple copy-paste job when in reality, it encompasses a lot more than just content.

  1. SEO optimization SEO strategies don’t automatically transfer from one language to the next, they require mapping.
  2. Quality assurance (QA) QA should go beyond simple language checks to review formats, code, and overall market acceptance.
  3. Governance Automated website language translation should happen early on to ensure ongoing simplicity.
  4. Integration The ability to connect your CMS, business management programs, and other tools to the website translation software ensures better reporting and tighter ROI control.
  5. Formatting Preview panels help linguists see how content will display and make corrections to avoid a poor layout.
  6. User experience Code reviews should ensure the user experience remains constant regardless of language.

Not all website translation services support the above six imperative components. Instead, they offer translation and leave it up to you to manage your site. We take a total approach to complete website translation by supporting a continuous process.

Tools That Support Scalable Translation

Unlike Bureau Works, many translation agencies use relatively unsophisticated options for managing projects. We use industry-leading website translation tools to enhance results and control costs. Some of these features include:

  1. Machine Translation Machine translation can help reduce costs by allowing technology to do the work of linguists. This is an excellent option for low-priority work, test runs in new languages, and as a supplement to human translation.
  2. Automated Assignments Vetting and hiring linguists takes time. Bureau Works takes the burden off of project managers by using an AI-driven system to assign the perfect linguist for the job based on previous jobs’ data and metrics.
  3. Terminology Management Companies have in-house and marketing language that has been carefully cultivated. Terminology management involves combining corporate lexicons and glossaries to create a client-specific tool that ensures the correct terms are used every time.
  4. Translation Memories Translation memories stem from client terminology files, previous jobs, and other information. It then powers machine translation, allowing the company to improve automated results over time.
  5. Transparent Workflows Bureau Works offers an end-to-end localization management platform that eliminates the need to follow up with linguists and email documents back and forth. All this information is visible in a single space.

Bureau Works combines technology and expert linguists to create scalable website translation services that grow with your company. It’s an opportunity to provide potential clients with the best content possible in an effort to persuade them to work with/purchase from your brand.

Creating Consistency With Ongoing Localization

The best way to manage multilingual website design is to use a continuous process that allows you to check sites automatically, trigger jobs, and push content live. Here’s how Bureau Works approaches continuous localization:

Event triggering

A change triggers the creation of a job in all languages. It’s possible to create a baseline for automatic assignment to ensure project establishment while reserving manual approval for more expensive jobs.

Quality assurance

A quality assurance (QA) specialist reviews the translated content for quality while ensuring code integrity. Preview panels make it easy to see how the code will appear when published.


A crawler, established through either the dashboard or command-line interface, regularly checks the origin website for changes. It can be scheduled for specific intervals based on the activity of the site.


The linguist is matched using an AI algorithm that reviews prior job metrics, expertise, and overall fit. They complete the task using the company’s lexicon, translation memory, and other client-specific tools.


The new content is uploaded to the client’s website automatically and is consistently up-to-date in all languages, not just the original.

This seamless process is the best way to translate a website because it combines continuous localization with oversight, plus the platform offers a wide range of tools for linguists and clients.

Compatible with the top CMS

WordPress, Drupal, and Adobe Experience Manager

Seamlessly keep your website updated

Language is subjective. Our localization management platform offers valuable tools that keep websites current.


The ability to connect your CMS, business management programs, and other tools to the website translation software ensures better reporting and tighter ROI control.

User experience

Code reviews should ensure the user experience remains constant regardless of language.

Simple but effective, our editor is built with:

Terminology checks and management
Automated Quality checks
Preview for different asset types to maximize contextualization: Documents, Code and Web
On-the-go spell-checking and terminology checks
UI/UX flexibility including inline or column visulization, font, spacing and even a dark mode
Reference Files
Change History

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