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Russian is the most spoken and geographically widespread native language in Europe. It is also one of the most complicated languages when it comes to translation. Despite this hurdle, Russian translation is key when entering Russian markets since only a small percentage of Russians speak fluent English.

At Bureau Works, we provide the most specialized linguists to ensure your content is translated to be a genuine competitor in Russian markets. Our industry-leading localization management platform is committed to helping you bridge all necessary cultural gaps to connect with your consumers successfully.

Navigating Distinct Hurdles with Russian Translation

Russia is the fifth-largest app market globally and home to an abundance of social media users. Therefore, it’s imperative to create a genuine user experience with accurate translation and cultural context. The complexities of the Russian language make it extremely difficult for machine translation, which is why relying on a translation service is crucial. The most common issues to consider are:





Russian has a distinct alphabet derived from Cyrillic script, making certain direct translations nearly impossible. Holistic knowledge of how the Russian alphabet relates to others, especially Latin, is the first step in translation. Russian sentences have a much looser word order structure than English. Word order rarely affects the meaning, and the number of possible syntax arrangements increases exponentially. Russian has a high level of inflection, unlike English. Various suffixes can be used for the same word to give it different roles. For instance, there can be twelve possible versions of the same word in its singular and plural forms. Russian has very definitive rules for how and where punctuation can be used in a sentence that would seem unnatural in other languages. These rules include commas in the middle of sentences and quotation marks around brand names.
Premier Russian translation services, like those provided by Bureau Works, will prioritize and overcome all of the above-mentioned challenges to provide an authentic user experience that machine translation cannot.

The Benefits of Russian Translation Services with Bureau Works

Customizable UI: We offer customizable dashboards and access to a command-line interface (CLI) for more precision and flexibility in executing programming functions. Our easy-to-use interface makes submitting and reviewing material a much smoother process.

AI-Based Linguist Assignments: Our AI-enabled algorithm uses various metrics to assess the subject matter competency, language fluency, and content awareness of our linguists to provide the best possible for any translation job.

Data Encryption: We take pride in ensuring your content remains your content. Our platform guarantees all content is encrypted with restricted access to keep it protected at all times.

Transparent Reporting: We provide a wide range of performance reports to give all our clients productivity insight. We can also give an accurate status of the project profession whenever requested to ensure you’re aware of everything in real-time.

Technical Support: We focus on being a comprehensive platform that focuses on accurate translations and the user experience. We provide engineering support to keep your code intact and maintain your content’s integrity.

These are merely a few of the ways we provide impeccable translation services and support to our clients. We provide access to a wide range of translation tools and capable experts to translate various products and materials.

Bureau Works specializes in end-to-end localization to provide you with a partner for your Russian translation projects and future expansions. Contact our team to learn more about our services.

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