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At Bureau Works, we consider ourselves a platform-driven company. Our powerful technology doesn’t just connect our clients and linguists; it fosters the entire process and provides end-to-end service that saves you both valuable time and money.

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A Comprehensive Translation Management System

One of the most common problems with modern translation services is the disconnect between agencies, clients, and technology. A translation agency may have their own platform to manage their workloads, but the client never sees it or is granted access to it. And even worse, linguists may be restricted from accessing the platform as well, and instead are left to translate in a vacuum where they receive no content-related context. A comprehensive translation management system bypasses these obstacles and has the ability to connect agencies, clients, and linguists to ensure translations are completed with maximum accuracy.

An End-to-End Translation Management System

At Bureau Works, we saw an opportunity to eliminate the old ways of working by creating a translation management system with a wide range of collaborative and automated features. The best part of our translation management system is that it’s fully scalable. You can use it for a single one-off project or make it the cornerstone for your entire localization program. It supports all audiences—from linguists who want a better way of working to massive enterprises running multilanguage campaigns.

Automated Job Creation

Web crawlers monitor your content for updates and submit jobs based on preset triggers. This process eliminates the need to keep track of changes across your content ecosystem and create new projects for updates.

AI Assignments

All linguists’ assignments are made using artificial intelligence (AI), success metrics, and empirical evidence of competency in given languages, subject matter, and brand understanding.

Transparent Workflow Management

With our program, you can get a snapshot view of the precise status of your project at any given time. You can make corrections in real-time and have them added to your termbases and lexicons for future consideration.

Customizable User Interface and CLI

For users who enjoy a plug-and-play experience, we offer an easy-to-understand, customizable dashboard for submitting jobs, reviewing programs, and evaluating billing. Our more tech-savvy clients and developers can enjoy a robust command-line interface (CLI) to allow for greater flexibility in their program requests.Translation Tools for Developers

Translation Memories and Terminology Management

Our linguists use machine translation generated from a customized translation memory. We combine your corporate lexicons, termbases, and brand keywords to ensure content is true not just to the language, but also to your brand and culture. All content stays within the platform to ensure confidentiality and security.Secure Translation

Extensive Integrations

We offer a wide range of integrations to connect your content management, internal workflow programs, and other needed platforms to streamline your project and provide business insights. Our reporting can be broken down to a granular level for easier understanding.Software Integrations

Structured Continuous Localization

All of the above components work together to create something called structured continuous localization. In continuous localization, all your content is continuously updated and translated, so your details are always current. However, limited oversight could lead to problems. Our program supports continuous localization and builds in structure and direction so you can make corrections before issues filter throughout your content. This hybrid approach is the best possible way to manage localization efficiently and effectively.

Who We Support

Our platform works for a wide range of audiences, whether you need a single project or a total localization solution. Some of our common users include:

Single-Use Clients

No job is too small! If you just have a single page document or basic website for translation, we’re happy to help. Just create an account and connect with thousands of translators ready and willing to take on your project. The best part is if you decide you need more work later, your account is already set up and waiting.

Professional Managed Programs

Our subscription-based program is excellent for small businesses and enterprises with a lot of content to translate, though they may not need total localization management. We leverage translation memories, corporate lexicons, and machine translation to complete your project on time and within budget.

Total Enterprise Solutions

For our enterprise clients, we’re happy to provide a customized option tailored to their unique needs. You’ll benefit from continuous localization, the ability to manage multiple languages, and experience international growth with our top tier solution. The high level of efficiency and quality that we can provide minimizes time-wasting tasks while maximizing your ROI.


We are also happy to connect with linguists to support our ever-growing platform. In fact, our translation management system was designed with you in mind. Get jobs based on your specific skills and leverage top-of-the-line tools to prepare you for success on every job. Learn more about working with us and take your career to the next level!


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