YouTube Translation Services

When searching for the top YouTube translation services for your channel, you need a company that can provide you with the best localization services possible to get the job done right. Bureau Works offers high-quality translation services to preserve your viewership and ensure a solid and accurate translation

YouTube translation services.

Professional-Grade YouTube Translation Services

Video translation services are an excellent way to reach new markets with your content. As the world’s second-most visited website after Google, with billions of visitors each month, YouTube is the perfect place to start.

Translating video content can help your company:

  • Reach a global audience

  • Grow your viewership

  • Expand your brand

Let us handle the professional translation while you keep creating great content.

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Do You Need a Professional to Translate Your Videos?

No, however, your company may risk embarrassing themselves and the brand without it. While YouTube offers free translation services in the form of an “auto-translate” option in the video settings, the translation process is completed entirely by a machine. Considering the high volume of viewers on YouTube, investing in a professional service results in high-quality work that preserves the integrity of the content while also allowing your company to connect with a global audience.

Why Is Quality Translation Important for YouTube Content?

A poorly translated video can result in viewers simply clicking away from your video content, or worse, portraying the wrong message and risking your brand’s reputation. One small error can cause a ripple effect. For example, take the phrase “talk to you later,” the caption may be translated to “elevator.” Your captions have now gone entirely off the grid. There is also the risk of your company content being translated into inaudible or inappropriate translations that viewers cannot understand or find offensive.

Any small wave can be amplified in any language. The punctuation and capitalization inaccuracies alone may have potential consumers questioning the reliability of your company’s brand. While some may argue that bad captions are better than no captions, it is essential to ask yourself if you are willing to take that risk for your company?

Quality Translation with Bureau Works

Bureau Works solutions brings together the best of our homegrown tech with our localization know-how acquired over the past 15 years. To provide the best experience for your global viewers, you need more than machine-generated translations. While YouTube offers free caption translations in thirteen languages, our localization management platform supports 134 languages with translation memories, glossaries, and total content ecosystem management to ensure your video translation is completed to the highest quality.

How We Transcribe and Translate Captions for Your Videos

Bureau Works provides quality YouTube translation services your company can count on. The process is simple.

Bureau Works can extract the video transcript (with access), or the user can provide it.
Technical File Transformation
Proprietary tech will transform the file into an accessible format so our linguists can handle it effectively.
Linguists and Project Managers Are Carefully Matched
Our linguists undergo rigorous screenings and tests to ensure they are qualified to deliver exceptional services.
Linguists Carefully Translate with Contextual and Historical Support
Our linguists will be aided by resources and memories of your past content as well as an assistive environment to ensure top-quality translations.
Automated and Manual Quality Assurance for Functional and Linguistic Success
We will evaluate all content to ensure accuracy and fit for your YouTube translation services.
The End Result
You can easily upload the translated file for seamless operation with YouTube.

Affordable and Transparent Billing

Our certified translation services offer competitive pricing with fast turnaround, certification letters, and rush pricing if necessary.

  • Competitive pricing at just $0.20 a word

  • Our linguists can translate up to 2000 words per day

  • Every video translation goes through a quality assurance check

Investing in YouTube translation services can mean the difference between high views and your videos falling flat. When considering professional-grade services for your project, consider Bureau Works.

Bureau Works offers YouTube translation services to support your company’s global outreach. To learn more about how we provide top-notch services on a collaborative platform, contact our team.

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