How AI Helps You Edit Videos: Software Solutions for 2024

Explore AI video editing in 2024: Uncover top software solutions, tips for maximizing AI tools, and insights on localization for global engagement.
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Recent years have brought us to a point, where technology is not just an extension of our capabilities but a defining force of our creativity. And today the realm of video editing is undergoing a massive shift, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The year 2024 stands as a milestone in this transformative journey, where AI is no longer just a supporting actor but the leading feature in video production.  

The days of tedious manual labor in video editing are long gone. AI has succeeded in unparalleled efficiency and unleashed a wave of creativity, turning routine tasks into opportunities for innovation. 

We will explore the functionalities, benefits, and creative prospects that AI brings to video editing. Attention will be given to the technical progress, possible use cases for localization needs, ethical considerations, and the crucial equilibrium between AI assistance and human ingenuity. This article serves as a gateway for both professional and novice creators to grasp and leverage AI's use in video editing.

Recent Developments in AI Video Editing

AI in video editing represents more than a passing trend; it signifies a fundamental shift. Imagine the automation of elementary editing tasks like logging footage, categorizing clips, and executing basic edits. This scenario isn't a distant vision but today's reality. AI's handling of these repetitive tasks liberates the creative mind, shifting focus to the essence of storytelling and visual artistry.

Recent advancements boast features that alleviate substantial workload from specialists. These include simplified subtitle management, streamlined quality enhancement, and overall increased editing efficiency.

  • Speech-to-Text Transcription: Unparalleled efficiency of using AI for transcribing human speech isn't just about accuracy; it's about accessibility. This feature is already here and keeps on revolutionizing how we handle captions and searchable transcripts, making content universally accessible​​.
  • Video Stabilization: The precision of AI in smoothing shaky camera work is a game-changer. To stabilize shaky videos and fine-tune overall motion, AI algorithms are unmatched, they ensure that your footage is nothing short of professional​​, but done in a fraction of the time.
  • Color Correction and Grading: Recent developments in AI-assisted color grading applications like are not just about saving time; they're about maintaining consistency and quality, learning from human inputs to deliver perfection in color treatments​​.
  • Text-to-video Conversion: The latest release of Runway ML's Gen-2, is not just an upgrade; it's a revolution in text-to-video conversions, offering unparalleled flexibility in transforming text and images into dynamic video content​​. 
  • Personalization: Adobe's acquisition of marks a leap towards personalized, professional-quality video creation, with an emphasis on diverse avatars and multilingual support​​.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. The rise of AI in video editing brings its share of ethical dilemmas – from data privacy concerns to the potential displacement of jobs. The key is to strike a balance, ensuring AI remains a tool to augment human creativity, not replace it​​. 

Localization of Videos Using AI Video Editing

AI video generators are significantly enhancing the process of video localization, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible for content creators and businesses looking to expand their global reach. Here are some of the common use cases for AI in localization:

  • Subtitling and Dubbing: AI video editing tools can automate the process of providing subtitles and dubbing for videos. This includes translating spoken content and syncing the new voice track with the original lip movements, enhancing the viewer's experience and ensuring accuracy in the new target language​​​​.
  • Transcription: New tools can convert the video's audio into text, serving as a foundation for creating subtitles and closed captions. This feature is particularly beneficial for hearing-impaired viewers and also aids in the overall localization process​​​​.
  • Efficiency and Cost Reduction: One of the key benefits of using AI for video localization is the significant reduction in time and costs. AI-powered tools can translate a video into multiple languages quickly, compared to the hours or days required for manual translation. This makes the localization process more efficient and accessible, even for businesses or creators with limited budgets​​.

Top 6 AI Video Editing Software Solutions for 2024

We have learned that video editing AI is a powerful ally. It's reshaping the industry, not just by making processes faster and more efficient, but by opening up new avenues for creative expression. 

And, as of today, there are numerous companies that have prevailed by experimenting with AI features in their software development. In this article, we have gathered a short top of the best AI video solutions for 2024.

1. Movavi Video Editor: Beyond Basic Editing

First in our top is a free movie maker that is renowned for its intuitive design and robust functionality, suitable for both beginners and intermediate users. Available on Windows and Mac, it features a rich library of effects, transitions, and support for various formats. Its AI-driven capabilities include intelligent scene detection, background removal, noise suppression and automated color adjustments, enhancing the quality of videos with minimal effort. 


  • User-friendly interface, ideal for newcomers to video editing
  • Extensive selection of effects, transitions, and filters
  • Quick processing capabilities for streamlined editing


  • Some features are locked behind a paywall
  • Free version includes watermarks


Movavi Video Editor offers a free trial, with an affordable full version. Starting at $54.95 for an annual subscription, and `$79.95 for a lifetime version.

2. Invideo AI

Invideo AI is revolutionizing video production by making it accessible and straightforward for everyone, from novices to seasoned professionals. This groundbreaking AI video generator streamlines the creation of professional-grade videos using simple text prompts, eliminating the need for expensive equipment or advanced editing skills. It's the perfect solution for entrepreneurs, content creators, and marketers aiming to elevate their projects.

Feature Highlights

Enter any topic, and invideo AI will generate a script, create scenes, add voiceovers, background music, subtitles, and high-quality stock footage. It offers copyright-free music options ideal for YouTube channels, allowing creators to focus on their content without worrying about demonetization. The platform supports various channels, including YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, making it versatile for different content types like social media posts, marketing campaigns, and product demonstrations.

Invideo AI provides access to a vast library of over 16 million stock photos and videos, simplifying the process for users to find and incorporate the perfect visuals for their projects. The tool's editing capabilities are unmatched.


Invideo AI transforms your text into videos swiftly, making content creation easier and allowing you to focus more on your creative work rather than the technical aspects.

  • With access to over 16 million stock media assets, you're equipped with a vast array of unique images and videos, enabling you to produce high-quality content without spending hours on production.
  • It supports exporting videos in up to 4K quality, ensuring your videos meet the highest standards of clarity and detail.
  • The platform is designed to be user-friendly from start to finish, simplifying the video creation process for users of all skill levels.
  • The AI-powered editing feature allows for adjustments even after the video has been created from the initial prompt, offering flexibility in the editing process.


  • The platform has limited options for collaboration, which may restrict team-based content development.
  • While the free version includes watermarks, this concern is mitigated by the affordable paid version, starting at just $20/month, which unlocks a plethora of premium features.


Invideo AI offers a free version for basic use, a “Plus” plan at $20 per month with additional features and resources, and a “Max” plan at $48 per month, ideal for growing and established creators.

3. Descript: A Textual Revolution in Video Editing

A unique AI video editor that allows editing via text manipulation, a boon for editing dialogue-centric content. This innovative feature is especially useful for creating content for platforms like YouTube and various social media, where quick turnarounds are essential. It also offers automatic transcription, making it easy to edit interviews, podcasts, and more.


  • Innovative text-based editing
  • Ideal for dialogue and interview-focused videos
  • Auto-captioning for enhanced accessibility


  • Limited in terms of complex video editing
  • Fewer visual effects compared to other editors


Descript has a free “Basic” plan, while the “Creator” plan comes at the price of $12 a month. The “Pro” plan costs $24 and gives unlimited access to all features.

4. FlexClip: The Online Video Editing Solution

Unique cloud-based video editor, perfect for creating quick and effective videos. Its online nature means there's no need for software downloads, making it accessible from anywhere. FlexClip is equipped with an extensive library of templates and stock media, which is particularly useful for creating promotional content and videos on the fly. The tool is available in multiple languages, making it perfect for multilingual teams.


  • No installation required; accessible online
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Rich template and media library


  • Dependence on internet connectivity
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty, professional video editing


FlexClip provides a free version for basic use, with a “Plus” plan at $9.99 a month, offering more features and resources. 

5. Synthesia: AI-Powered Video Generation

This AI-powered editing tool is at the forefront of AI video generation, enabling the creation of videos from text inputs. This is particularly effective for educational content, presentations, and localized marketing videos. Its ability to support multiple languages makes it a valuable tool for creating content for diverse audiences.


  • Cutting-edge text-to-video technology
  • Multilingual support for global content creation
  • Saves time in producing narrated content


  • Less control over creative aspects
  • Requires time to master its unique features


Synthesia offers a free trial, with monthly premium plans starting at $22 for “Starter” and $67 for “Creator”, providing advanced features.

6. Visla: For the Professional Editor

An AI-driven video editing software aimed at professional content creators. It offers high-end features like 3D effects, comprehensive audio editing, and advanced motion tracking. This tool is tailored for filmmakers and professionals who demand a high degree of customization and creative control in their work.


  • Advanced features for professional editing
  • AI tools for efficient editing processes
  • High degree of customization


  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Higher cost compared to other software


Visla offers a free trial with a subscription-based full version at $19 a month for professionals seeking advanced editing capabilities.

Expert Tips for Maximizing Your Use of AI Video Editing Tools 

When dealing with AI-powered video editing programs, it's essential to fully leverage the capabilities of these tools to create compelling content. Here are some expert tips to help you maximize the potential of your AI video editors:

  • Embrace AI Features: Explore and utilize the AI functionalities within your editing software. Features like automatic captioning, scene detection, or face recognition can drastically improve your editing speed and enhance your final output.
  • Stay Informed and Up-to-Date: The field of AI video generators is continuously advancing. By regularly updating your software and staying informed about new features, you ensure access to the latest and most efficient editing tools.
  • Prioritize Localization for Your Team: If you're going global, or your team has members abroad, it’s crucial to use AI tools that support multilingual capabilities. This approach will help your team collaborate more effectively and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Balance AI with Your Creativity: While AI offers precision and efficiency, your unique creative touch is indispensable. Employ AI as a base, but don’t hesitate to infuse your personal creative flair to distinguish your content.
  • Optimize Your Workflow: AI tools can handle repetitive tasks, allowing you more time to focus on creative aspects and storytelling. Utilize these efficiencies to streamline your workflow for enhanced productivity and creative expression.

By incorporating these tips, you can significantly enhance your video editing process, ensuring that your content is not only high-quality but also culturally relevant and uniquely creative.

Conclusion: The Future of Video Editing with AI

AI video editing software solutions like Movavi Video Editor, Descript, FlexClip, Synthesia, and Visla represent the forefront of video editing technology in 2024. These tools simplify the video editing process and open up new possibilities for content localization and customization, key factors for platforms aiming to reach diverse global audiences.

By leveraging AI video generators and editors, creators and businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, creativity, and regional localization. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these tools offer something for everyone, making the art of video editing more accessible, efficient, and effective than ever before.

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