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The Arabic language is Semitic, with origins tracing back to North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, and West Asia, like Hebrew and Amharic. Arabic’s complex syntax and expansive vocabulary make it very difficult for machine translation to analyze and translate correctly. Linguists have to focus on what is being said and how it is being said for effective translation that preserves the content’s integrity.

At Bureau Works, we provide expert linguists that can relate to your content and provide high-quality translations that consumers can resonate with better. As an industry-leading localization management platform, we strongly believe in prioritizing the user experience and translation accuracy to aid new market success.

Navigating the Complexities of Arabic Translation

Because of the high level of difficulty associated with machine translation for the Arabic language, it’s important to understand the unique intricacies of Arabic translation to avoid disrupting translation quality.






Arabic dialects, including Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) have varying grammatical structures amongst them. Different audiences require using the style of grammatical translation best suited for them to understand content quickly. Particular Arabic dialects are much more casual than others overall. These varying levels of formality must be considered when deciding how content should sound and feel for new markets. Arabic has over 12 million known unique words without repetition, which is 20 times more than English. This complexity requires more focus on translation consistency due to the multiple translation possibilities for any specific piece of content. Arabic is a right-to-left written language, and Arabic translations can be significantly longer than their English counterparts due to their extensive vocabulary. There must be a built-in buffer in the code to protect formatting and design properties. The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters, and some of these have no English equivalent. Linguists must be experts who can choose the best possible translation to resemble the original content closely.
Working with an expert localization agency that’s better equipped to maneuver around and overcome these complications can provide you with first-rate translation and a much better return on investment (ROI) than using machine translation.

How Bureau Works Provides Expert Arabic Translation Services

Our extensive platform grants access to expert linguists and engineers, as well as an impressive catalog of translation tools and features for superior translation services. These include, but are not limited to:

Comprehensive Multilingual Support: At Bureau Works, we not only provide professional Arabic translation services, but we also grant the same high level of assistance in translating content to other languages. We support a vast range of languages to aid your new market entries.

First-Class CAT Tools: We provide computer-aided translation (CAT) tools like translation memories, assisted machine translation, etc. These tools provide an added measure for translation accuracy and allow clients to customize these features to fit their needs.

Professional Code Management: We allow our linguists to focus solely on accurate, quality translations by providing expert coders to review comments and characters and optimize the code to preserve translation accuracy and user experience.

Vast Subject Matter Expertise: We provide a wide array of linguists with expertise in different backgrounds and languages for more accurate and engaging content. Our clients can also request their matched linguist undergo a trial period to become better acquainted with the product.

Simplified Workflow: Our localization management platform allows you to view snapshots of a project in real-time to eliminate the need to track down various projects and correct noticeable errors earlier. Our design focuses on simplicity and efficiency.

Bureau Works is a top-rated solution to your Arabic translation needs. Our robust platform combines cutting-edge technology with broad expertise for comprehensive support. We can give you the best chance at successfully engaging consumers in Arabic markets.

Bureau Works offers world-class Arabic translation services to help you make your localization goals a success. Contact our team to learn more about our platform.

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