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Setting up the optimal alignment between content type, market, audience, and process is ridiculously challenging.

When the pieces on your localization board are set correctly it sounds like music. Incorrectly, all you will hear is noise.

The same process that may work for your mobile product in Japan for instance may fail for your desktop product in Germany.

Sometimes even within the same market different content types will require different treatments.

At Bureau Works, we specialize in understanding the desired result and reverse-engineering the optimal process for that particular situation.

Here a few examples of workflows that we can apply to different kinds of scenarios:

  • Translation + Review

  • SEO Terminology Mapping + Connector enabled Translation + Editing + In-country Review + Publishing as Draft + QA + Final Publishing

  • Brand keyword Mapping + Market Specific Content Strategy + Translation + Review + Market Validation

  • Connector + Machine Translation + Human Translation (when past a certain traffic threshold)

  • Multiple Translations + A/B Testing + Evaluation + Final Version

These are just a few examples of workflows that we can employ to achieve desired results. You are probably connecting the workflows above with specific content types.

From the industry standard (Translation + Review) that connects to simple business documents, to the second workflow that works beautifully for websites, the third that is appropriate for marketing collateral, the fourth that could be a great cost saver for support material, and the fifth that could be great to hone in on your content strategy for each specific market.

Not working with optimized workflows for different scenarios will result in:

  • Not achieving expected results

  • Having to redo work

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Taking longer to publish your content

  • Spending much more than desired

  • Not finding your sought out ROI

Our Approach

The thing about localization is that you can’t just apply the same recipe all over the place and expect the same results. The content and audience sensitivities for Web are entirely different for Product for instance.

In English, this is fairly obvious. You would not have your copywriters running your support content or your support engineers writing your Web heroes.

But when it comes to translation, not only do people often work with the same talent across the board (which in many cases is fine) but with the same standard process across the board (which in most cases is a recipe for failure).

That’s where you can lean on our vast experience in helping our global clients manage their global ventures.

We don’t treat translations as a commodity. We treat it both as a science and an art.

That’s the nature of language, the nature of the content, and most importantly the nature of people.

And like the Austrian philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein stated, language is about doing things, not about merely representing the world.

And our clients first foremost rely on us to accomplish their goals of business expansion and building a healthy profit stream all over the world.

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Content, Market and Audience Strategy and Process Optimization

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Whether it’s a single job that needs to get done or an unwieldy localization colossos, we take a consultative approach with all of our clients. Our goal is to ensure that your goals are met.

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