Certified Birth Certificate Translation: What to Expect

Translating a birth certificate is simple in terms of how much material requires translating but has a high sensitivity factor regarding how accurate the information is translated. It requires working with a translation partner who speaks the language natively and understands the translation rules and formatting for that region. Understanding the process of certified birth certificate translation and what to expect from a translation service can help you receive high-quality, accurately translated documents without significant expenses.

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The Process of Online Certified Translation for a Birth Certificate

You and your translation services take several steps to receive the most accurate translation in the most efficient way possible.

1. You provide your translation agency with a version of your birth certificate that contains the following information:
Full name, Birthplace, Birthdate (month, day, year), Full names of parents, Birth dates of parents, Birthplace of parents, Seal of issuing authority

2. You provide accurate spellings for handwritten information that may be difficult to read.

3. You upload documents to the translation service platform with all relevant information.

4. A linguist is assigned, and the birth verification is translated as quickly as possible, depending on the subject matter, languages, and necessary formatting.

5. The birth certificate is cross-checked between multiple reviewers for accuracy and certification.

6. Your certified translated birth certificate copy is provided to you and saved on a secure server.

How Bureau Works Handles Certified Birth Certificate Translation

Bureau Works has created a translation-friendly environment that promotes accuracy and cost-effectiveness. We believe that the certified document translation isn’t completed until the process is successful for the client. We provide first-rate security with encryption, multi-factor authentication, and IP tracking to ensure only authorized users have access to documents and your information remains safe and private. At Bureau Works, we also use the best tools like translation memories, glossaries, machine translation, AI assignments, etc., along with multiple quality review processes to ensure you receive the most accurate document possible. Additionally, we support large batch requests and a variety of supported content management system integrations to support firms looking to process birth certificates or other documents for multiple clients.

At Bureau Works, we believe in full transparency from a localization management platform. Therefore, we provide a transparent workflow so that you never have to guess where your project is in the pipeline. We also give transparent billing with an estimated cost before starting any birth certificate translation or another project to eliminate surprise expenses.

Bureau Works offers superior, comprehensive certified birth certificate translation services. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our team today.

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