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Certified translation services are required in most official capacities, whether someone is entering an international contract or applying to become a naturalized citizen. Certified translated documents ensure content is completely correct, that way the administrator handling them can rely on their accuracy in making crucial decisions. Given the weight of importance in these documents’ accuracy, it’s vital to choose a firm that is capable of meeting a higher translation standard.

At Bureau Works—through our competitive pay structure, supportive platform, and clear quality metrics—we ensure we only work with the best linguists in the business. When we pair our top talent with our premier workflow environment, it enables us to deliver certified translation services for even the most stringent regulatory environments.

What to Look for in Certified Translation Services

Certified translation services sound complicated, but in most English-speaking countries, they break down into two components: the translated content itself and a certificate verifying its accuracy. Requirements for certified translation in other regions can be a bit more stringent and vary widely by area and purpose. Before seeking out these services, it’s wise to check with the agency to understand their specific requirements. Certified translation is applicable for a wide range of documents, including:

  • Immigration applications
  • Customs forms
  • Travel documents
  • Affidavits
  • Business plans
  • Compensation agreements
  • Corporate filings
  • Privacy notices
  • Loan agreements
  • Wills

To find the best translators to provide these services, look for a company that offers:

Competitive Pay

At Bureau Works, we eliminate go-betweens and administrators that can cut into the bottom line of the per-word rate. We’re able to provide competitive wages, which attracts the best possible linguists.

An Exacting Selection Process

Our linguists go through rigorous screenings and tests to ensure they’re qualified to provide exceptional services. Only the very best make it into our program.

High Standards

We evaluate every piece of content our linguists submit and grade it for accuracy and fit. This strict process ensures high standards and consistent quality.

Supportive Technology

Our localization platform leverages corporate lexicons, translation memories, machine translation, and previews to provide linguists with assistance and context that improves results.

AI Assignments

We use artificial intelligence and linguists’ metrics to locate and match the perfect translators for your job. This ensures you always get an expert capable of providing certifiable work.

Our various features and processes ensure you receive nothing less but the best possible translations, allowing you to meet even the highest of standards.

How Bureau Works Exceeds Translation Expectations

What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to customize our offerings to meet your specific needs. This approach is beneficial for clients who have a regular need for certified translations, like corporations, law firms, immigration companies, and more. We use our robust platform to support all your recurring needs. Some features that differentiate us include:

  • Batch requests: You do not have to submit requests one at a time. You can instead request them in batches and get bulk work completed quickly. This feature is excellent for firms that need to process copies of the same form, like birth certificates or travel documents, for various clients.
  • Client-driven standards: Your firm sets the minimum standard you expect to see from our translators. Those standards are incorporated into the QA process to ensure high-quality translation every time.
  • Top-tier tools: Our clients also have access to our platform, which hosts the workflow you can use to watch the end-to-end translation process. You don’t have to worry about following up or chasing down documents because you can get a snapshot view of any project at any given time.
  • Strong security: Our platform provides top-tier security. We leverage encryption, multi-factor authentication, and IP tracking to ensure only authorized users gain access to documents. All content stays on our platform and can only be downloaded by approved parties.
  • Integrations: Our platform can connect with a wide range of systems to allow for a more streamlined workflow. It can work with your current content management system or other software for automatic uploading and project management.

  • Transparent billing: You get an estimated cost before starting any project, so there are no surprise expenses. Also, our reporting allows you to keep track of the return on your investment.

Our corporate and enterprise clients conduct repeat business with us because of our comprehensive approach to certified translation services. With our powerful technology and top-tier linguists, we’re able to meet even the most stringent standards for the best possible price.

See the difference Bureau Works can offer with our certified translation services. Contact our team and learn about our solutions.

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