Philips - Centralized Knowledge Management and Savings

Savings - Total Projects - 23% savings on average for more than 1,500 projects

Philips had the need to unify and centralize translation processes across several countries. Bureau Works proved itself to be the perfect partner for the challenge.

With a wide array of products and solutions, Philps required translators in many different sub-specialities ranging from electronics to healthcare and from devices to consumer goods. Each of these areas has their own jargon, particularities and nuances.

Bureau Works provides Philips translation requesters to pierce into their specific terminology, suggest changes and monitor overall translation progress in real time. Bureau Works also provides requesters with instant quotes which cuts down on email back and forth and allows buyers to make quick and informed decisions on whether or not to move forward with their translation projects.

On top of all this, Bureau Works delivers managerial insights as far as spend, savings, quality and overall progrm efficiency to procurement.. 

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