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What to consider for a good website translation?

Choose a CMS that allows you to connect with business management programs and website translation software tools
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Because of the search facilities, people from all over the world can find your business website on the internet. However, what will guarantee the retention of these users is the quality of the online experience. If your content is translated into the user's native language, the chances of them becoming customers are greatly increased.This happens because users are always looking for facilities. The purchase (whether it's a physical product or online courses) only happens if they can read the reviews, and descriptions, understand exactly what it's about, and be convinced to close the deal.In this article, we will understand the benefits of website translation services and what to consider if you want to have your website translated.

Why is website translation important?

Website translation is a digital strategy. The more accessible your website is to people from different countries, the more people you will attract and, consequently, the more profitable benefits.In e-commerce cases, for example, having the site in the native language allows the user to fill in the data with ease, read the reviews, consult customer service and complete the purchase. It’d be an excellent plus to have a team to answer the customer's questions.The world’s most translated websites are companies that attract millions of daily visitors such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Wikipedia. This happens precisely because administrators understand the relationship between business and public growth, making the user experience on the network as easy as possible.In addition, having the website translated is important to take your business to an international market.

What to consider if I want to have my website translated?

The translation process can be done before putting the site online or after, so the tips apply to both stages of the process. In order to translate a website in a simple and high-quality way, there are a few points to consider.

Knowing the target audience and the purpose

The higher the number of translations, the better for your site. But especially if you're on a tight budget, it's not feasible to translate into more than seven thousand languages in the world, right?It’s always better to start small, with one or two languages. Knowing your main audience and the purposes of your business is essential to understanding where most of your audience is and which strategic languages to invest in.A country can have two or more languages and some dialects, so it is important to understand these specifics to target the right audience when hiring website translationservices.An option for modest budgets is also to translate only the homepage, or the key pages, those with the most relevant information. Some leaders can choose to translate the important files that can be downloaded by specific publics and this is also an idea to consider in your planning. So, use your data to analyze where your company already has a foot and strategize.

Create quality content

Quality content generates quality translations for any language. Quality control (QA) involves not only reviewing the language but taking care of the formatting (a layout that speaks well with the content), the codes, and the acceptance of the content in your market.Research and understand how to create content that is optimized for translation and look for website translation software with the best qualities.

SEO optimization

SEO tools are very important to rank your content well in search. But SEO strategies don’t automatically translate, they require mapping. It’s important to implement specific keywords to reach different places.In this step, the choice of platform to host your website will make a difference. Choose platforms that offer SEO facilities, machine translation editing, ease for the user to change the language, and that do not conflict with other plugins.It is also essential to find out which search engines are mostly used in the location where your audience is, as each engine has its rules. In the US it’s Google, in China it’s Baidu and in Russia, it’s Yandex, for example.


Choose a CMS that allows you to connect with business management programs and website translation software tools, generating better monitoring reports.It is important to have an easy language-switching tool that allows the user to make the switch in one click. When allowing this language change, be aware of the features. For example, create dedicated URLs for each location, preventing content produced in multiple languages from being interpreted as duplicates.

Choose the right website translation services

Hire a specialized service, either with freelancer translators or with a company of translation. It’s faster if you choose a partner that combines both automatic and manual methods, working linked with the new technologies.You can count on Bureau Works to create a personalized and complete website translation. We support a continuous process that includes all the considerations mentioned above and more features, including machine translation, automated assignments, translation memories, and terminology management.

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