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The Do’s and Don'ts of WordPress Website Translation Services

Many people will only buy from your site if they can read your content, or at least understand it in their native language.
Rodrigo Demetrio
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Many people will only buy from your site if they can read your content, or at least understand it in their native language. This is because consumers are always tempted to look for facilities, and when the purchase becomes difficult, nothing can make them take the product. If you only knew the value of having a multilingual website on WordPress, you would make yours now! Knowing this, here are some tips of website translation services.There are some important practices when creating your multilingual website using WordPress and that's why you should read the article carefully, so you'll know how to better implement this tactic!

How to evaluate a WordPress translation service

There are many WordPress translation services, and so it is increasingly difficult to decide. When it comes to WordPress, a good process is what makes life easier for many website builders.We selected important aspects to take into consideration:

  • Support for multiple languages ​​(all you need).
  • A plugin that maintains the site's design and translates easily.
  • Something that does not conflict with other plugins.
  • Automatic translation and manual compatible.
  • Trained translators are always available.
  • Machine translation editing.
  • Ease for the user to change the language.
  • Ease of SEO and expert support.

Don't depend on a proxy!

Proxies can be a good idea to help your website content stay constant, but you shouldn't rely on them. There are more prepared companies and agencies that have competent systems, for example, Bureau Works has translators from all over the world fully developed and prepared to improve your experience.

Create a quality control process

Bureau Works has a very intensive internal process to control the quality of website translation services. This is a very important point when you do the localization of your website! So, know that you need to take care of each process performed.You can see more tips about WordPress in 5 Steps to Successful WordPress Internationalization.

Select languages ​​carefully

Of course, before translating it is necessary to select the languages ​​you want to include. The more you can include the better, but it's important that you know who the people who access the website are, so you can adapt it more and more.With a good selection, your customers will feel more comfortable buying and you will avoid exaggeration and waste of time and money. To decide the best selection of languages, ​​see the top 10 most positioned in your google analytics and finally apply them to WordPress!Be careful, in the USA for example there are millions of Spanish speakers, even more than in Spain. Including languages ​​like Portuguese, English, and Spanish can be very interesting.

Allow your user to change the language

People often live in one country but prefer to view the site in another language. If your language change tool is not easily accessible, the consumer may withdraw from the purchase.Many people live in one place but are from another, and that's why it's important to include them through this easy tool. In addition, there is the use of VPN that end up confusing people.Also, facilitate the choice of language for these people, never put all the names of the countries in the selection in their language, but use the terms of the country itself, for example: Instead of “Portuguese”, put “Português”, “日本語” instead of “Japanese”.

Use dedicated URLs

In WordPress, the content mustn't be duplicated. That is, making different domains with the same content can penalize your website. For this, you must use URLs specific to each location. For example:Instead of use for Brazilian users or for German users.These subdirectories are very easy to configure and maintain, and some website localization services already do this for you.

Take care of your SEO, it's a must-do!

SEO Benefits

Source: Digital Marketing StudioSEO is extremely important for the person from that country to search for the product or service and for your website to appear in sequence. So, you must take care of your SEO, so even if the product is from abroad you will qualify on google.Along with translating your website, it's important to implement keywords that maintain your ranking in different places! In addition, try to find out which search system is used in each country. In the US it's Google, in China it's Baidu, however, Yandex is famous in Russia. Each engine has its rules for SEO, but nothing a search can't solve.

HTML tags are important

HTML Tags can also make a big difference! Always add the HTML code below the header of your website pages in each language: <link rel="alternate" hreflang="lang_code" href="url_of_page" />Each variation of your page should have a set of <link>elements in the <head>element, with a link to each page variant, including itself. The set of links will be identical for all versions of the page.

Website Translation Services – Count on Bureau Works

It is extremely important that you have a trusted company to help you with all these website localization issues. Bureau Works can help you easily and practically with the fully automatic and efficient system.Be sure to check out our website and check it out along with several other tips!

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