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How Much Does Birth Certificate Translation Cost for USCIS?

When it comes to birth certificate translation for citizenship applications, DACA renewals, passport applications, etc., US Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, requires that it be certified.
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When it comes to birth certificate translation for citizenship applications, DACA renewals, passport applications, etc., US Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, requires that it be certified.

Certification means providing a signed letter affirming all information has been accurately translated by a qualified native speaker of the language in which it’s being translated. Failing to do so can not only delay approval and require you to submit further evidence, but it can also result in an immediate rejection of your request. With so much at stake, one of the biggest questions about certified birth certificate translation is regarding the cost of the venture.  

So, how much does birth certificate translation cost?

Most agencies charge anywhere from 20-50+ dollars per page. However, Bureau Works Express charges 14 cents per word on average, depending on the language, when you upload an editable, digitized birth certificate to the website. Birth certificates are typically 50-200 words, and the Bureau Works Express format provides quick translation at no minimum cost.  

For people who want a more standard approach with project management, translation memories, and all the other tools that the BWX agency offers, BWX provides birth certificate translation at an 18 cents per word average, depending on the language, along with a $50 minimum fee. This tool can be helpful for people who require translation for multiple documents of their own or their family and ensures consistent translation for all documents.  

What Affects the Cost of Birth Certificate Translation?

While most agencies give an upfront cost for birth certificate translation, certain factors can increase that price. It’s important to know what these are because, unlike Bureau Works, not all companies are as transparent about this. Those factors include the following:  


While the USCIS requires birth certificate translations to be certified, it can come at an extra cost. For instance, Bureau Works provides a certificate of accuracy for $20 to help you avoid any legal issues that may interfere with your application approval. Other companies typically charge an extra fee for the certification, but it comes as a hidden expense after the job is completed.  

Language Choice

In most cases, birth certificates are requested to be translated to English, but there are several instances where they need to be translated to other languages. Most agencies base their average pricing on translating a birth certificate to English. Therefore, pricing can reflect the cost of living in the country of the language in which the document is being translated.  

Word Length

BWX and Bureau Works Express charge a competitive price per word; most agencies typically charge a per-page fee. While the initial per page price can seem inexpensive, these agencies can also have a maximum word count for each page. This means if your birth certificate has more words than their company’s maximum, you will be charged additional fees to translate the entire document.  

Translation Timeframe

Agencies can charge additional fees to make your birth certificate a translation priority if it needs to be delivered quicker than their standard timeframe. There can also be additional charges if you need the translated birth certificate sent as priority mail. This situation is the case for many agencies that boast rapid translation, but it isn’t always discussed before agreeing to use their agency for your translation needs.


While the USCIS does not require birth certificates to be notarized, some countries can require them. Not only is receiving a signed notary an additional charge, but it may also not be a service some agencies provide. It’s important to know if this is something you need when deciding who you allow to translate your birth certificate.  These are all things that you should discuss with an agency to ensure you have an accurate cost estimate before choosing them to handle your birth certification translation.  

Choose Bureau Works as Your Certified Birth Certificate Translation Service

At Bureau Works, we understand that expenses can be a big issue when choosing a translation service. That’s why we provide competitive, transparent pricing for an accurate, comprehensive translation job.

We know that using a friend or machine translation can be tempting to get the job done, but both options can present unforeseen complications in your application approval process. While birth certificate translation may seem simple, ensuring it is done accurately is not. Machine translation, like Google translate, can easily make mistakes and mistranslate words or translate content that shouldn’t be translated like names, locations, etc. This problem also arises when asking a friend to translate.

Not only can this result in your application rejection, but it also comes with a lack of accountability. You may end up in a situation where you don’t have anyone to help you fix the errors and spend even more money finding an agency to help you restart the process.  

Bureau Works ensures every translator is a native speaker and all translated documents are reviewed to guarantee accurate translation. We also take accountability very seriously and agree to fix any issues in rare cases they may arise. Whether you use Bureau Works Express or our BWX agency, we believe in being your translation partner. As an industry-leading localization management platform, we provide fast and accurate translations at affordable, transparent prices.  

Bureau Works is a comprehensive agency that provides you with the affordable options you need for fast, accurate birth certificate translation that meets all the USCIS requirements. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you.

Gabriel Fairman
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