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Does Collaborative Translation with Management Systems Improve Workflow?

Collaborative Translation supported by TMS is used by various industries to manage complex translation projects efficiently
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Is Collaborative Translation a practice in your company? 

This method can improve the workflow and the project results, reasons why it has become more and more frequent in translation agencies and companies of all sizes.

But not just any translation – a collaborative translation supported by a management system. Let’s explore this case.

What is Collaborative Translation?

Collaborative Translation is when a team of two or more people simultaneously works together on the same project. 

But, wait, we are not talking about a shared document on Google Docs! Nor is it about Crowdsourcing (when translators can be a large group of volunteer, subject matter experts, or just anonymous individuals online).

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Collaborative Translation is about a team formed by an established group of selected professionals, that uses in their organization process specialized tools, which we call  Management System. 

Imagine it’s like a team of chefs preparing a large banquet. Each chef brings their skills, specialties, and preferences, ensuring that the final meal is delicious and well-rounded. 

Understanding Management System

Management systems, often referred to in this field as Translation Management Systems (TMS), are software platforms designed to support the translation process. 

TMS frequently works together with CAT Tools, such as our BWX, to help with the content, while the TMS manages the translation workflow, handling task assignments, progress monitoring, and quality control.

BWX, our CAT Tool
Image by Bureau Works 

Think of a TMS as the kitchen where our team of chefs works. It provides the tools, organization, and communication needed to create the perfect meal. It’s a specialized space, right? 

In our case, the large banquet is a high-quality translation.

What are the Advantages of Adopting a Collaborative Translation?

  • Combining skills

In collaborative translation, this approach leverages the strengths of different translators, leading to more accurate and nuanced translations. 

It’s like bringing together the specialties of each chef and their best use of spices. 

  • Faster Results

A TMS lowers the overall cost of translation. It’s like investing in high-quality kitchen equipment that makes cooking faster and more efficient, saving money on labor and wasted ingredients.

The translation project tends to finish quickly, without losing quality.

Even the performances can get bet results since you have people to think of solutions to impermissible gaps. It’s more human touch.

  • Consistency

When multiple translators work on a project, there’s a risk of inconsistencies, right? One translator might interpret a term differently from another.

Right at this point, is where TMS enters. For example, using a CAT Tool to mitigate this inconsistency by providing a centralized glossary, memory tools, and style guides. 

This integrated system ensures that everyone uses the same terminology and style, maintaining consistency across the entire project.

  • Better Quality Control

A TMS includes features for reviewing and editing translations. Viewing and revising translations in an agile and efficient manner becomes easier. 

TMS here is like having a head chef who checks every dish before it leaves the kitchen, ensuring that everything is perfect and meets high standards. 

Better Communication

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A key challenge in collaborative translation is communication. Many people working on the same project may cause some disagreements, right?

Translation Management Systems provide a platform where translators can share ideas, ask questions, and provide feedback in real time. 

This encourages a sense of teamwork and aligns everyone on the same page. 

  • Scalability

As your business grows, so will your translation needs. A TMS provides the structure and tools to manage growth efficiently.

We could say the management system will scale with you, making it easier to manage larger and more complex projects, whether you need to translate into multiple languages or handle a high volume of content. 

Conclusion: Applicable Solution to Real Businesses 

There are many examples of industries that use collaborative translation with TMS:

  • Global tech companies
    Companies like Microsoft and Google use it to translate user interfaces, help documentation, and customer support materials.

  • E-commerce industry
    Businesses often need to translate product descriptions, customer reviews, and marketing content into multiple languages to reach a global audience. Platforms like Amazon and eBay use TMS to manage these translations efficiently.

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
    The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries require precise and accurate translations due to the critical nature of the content. This includes translating medical records, research papers, clinical trial documents, and patient information.

  • Education and E-learning
    Educational institutions and e-learning platforms need to translate course materials, textbooks, and online content. Universities and companies like Coursera and Udemy use TMS to manage these translations, thus learners worldwide can access educational resources in their native languages.

  • Legal Services, Media and Entertainment, Government and Non-profit Organizations… Any big company that requires translation services to expand its business can benefit from TMS.
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We could summarize the range of benefits of a collaborative translation by just saying: a coordinated group workflow that makes sure your translations use the same terminology and style, improving the quality and efficiency of the project.

With more Localization, more target audiences are conquered.

Your global audience will thank you!

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