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Business leaders may not understand German translation services’ benefits because they think their English websites do enough to target the market. After all, more than half of Germany’s population speaks English as a second language. However, by offering both English and German options, companies can target a larger percentage of people and better connect with consumers.

At Bureau Works, we offer German translation services and support multilingual strategies. Our platform streamlines these often complicated tasks and can even post on your behalf to limit your time managing translation projects. Working with us helps you target the entire market while engaging consumers on multiple fronts.

Why German Presents Unique Translation Challenges

While German is considered a relatively easy language to learn, that doesn’t eliminate many of the challenges inherent in getting the best possible translation for businesses. Here are just a few of the issues linguists must manage:
  • Origin: Many words in different languages have similar roots (or may even be exactly the same), so their translation is easy. These words are called cognates. For example, in English and Spanish, the word “television” is identical. In German, it’s “Fernsehen.” The more cognates two languages have between each other, the easier they translate. Unfortunately, since German doesn’t use Latin as a root language, it’s not going to have as many cognates.
  • Grammar: Grammar is unique and complex in German. Verb conjugation, noun declination, plural markers, and word order all have specific rules which change based on context. A written German word can be very different from its spoken counterpart.
  • Accent: Spoken German presents infamous challenges in terms of accent. Many sounds you’d find in English or other languages simply don’t exist in German. This presents a particular challenge when completing audio or video translation.
  • English: The wide prevalence of English in Germany doesn’t seem like it’d be a challenge, but it creates an environment where people come to expect fluency in both languages. That means companies will have to maintain a multilingual localization strategy, which is exponentially more complicated than merely managing one translation.
These issues mean that machine translation services or simple options might not offer the best return on investment. To truly get the best results from German translation services, you need to work with an expert firm.

The Bureau Works Approach to German Translation Services

At Bureau Works, we boost the results of our German translation services with a catalog of proprietary tools that help our linguists and clients. Here are a few of the features you can expect to utilize with us.

Multilingual Support

Continuous Localization

Simplified Workflows

Managing German translation is challenging enough, but most clients want to offer content in multiple languages. We support a wide range of languages to allow you to connect with all customers. Continuous localization ensures your content is always up-to-date. We can set up a system that automatically triggers jobs, builds out new content, and posts on your behalf. We use a streamlined localization management platform to control your workflow. You can always see exactly where every job is and keep track of deadlines with ease.

Billing Transparency


Expert Linguists

We provide near-instant, transparent quotes for all jobs. You will know exactly what to expect and can even set an automated threshold so you can automatically approve jobs below a specific dollar amount. Our granular reporting system allows you to compare your English versus German ROI to see what’s getting the best results. You can make business decisions based on empirical evidence and improve your chances of success. Our German linguists come from various backgrounds to offer the specific subject matter expertise you need. They learn about your products and offerings to create campaigns that gain interest and engagement.

Of course, we don’t only offer text support. We provide help with all your content, regardless of form.

Supporting the Multilingual Multimedia Experience With Bureau Works

Not all firms can handle all varieties of content. You may even have to reach out to several different firms if you want to translate various forms of multimedia. However, Bureau Works can be your total end-to-end solution. Aside from text-based content, we also provide support for:

Voice Overs



Your video and audio files are in good hands with us. We can provide the voice overs you need to speak to new markets or send out internal messages. Subtitles are a quick, simple way to update videos for new audiences. We provide these essential options to communicate your message on multiple fronts. Take your customer service to the next level and standardize results with translated scripts. Train your workers (or bots) to address comments and concerns with our help.
We offer the all-inclusive German translation services you need to reach new audiences. Expert translators and top-tier technology help you engage potential customers in multiple languages.

If you’re looking for the best German translation services, look no further than Bureau Works. For more information, contact our team.

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