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With English being the lingua franca for business, government, and many other international affairs, it’s no surprise that around 1.35 billion people speak it as a native or second language. It is also the most widely used language on the internet, making it an obvious choice for companies seeking to expand their consumer base.

At Bureau Works, we specialize in a premium end-to-end experience. We combine the highest-quality linguists with cutting-edge technology to deliver a comprehensive localization management platform that will translate and manage your content and bring your chosen user experience to new markets.

Considerable Challenges for English Translation

Translation to French can be deceptively complex, leading many companies to take advantage of free apps and machine-based programs. However, these don’t typically yield professional-grade results. There are a few special considerations anyone seeking French translation services needs to understand.





English is overflowing with grammar and style rules that dictate syntax and even the orders of vowels in words, like “I before E, except after C” (which also has exceptions). There is also a significant emphasis on punctuation, with 14 punctuation choices to ensure sentences flow well. English has over 160 known dialects, with a quarter of those being in America. It’s important to be rhetorically aware of the region and the end-user, so the proper dialect is used when translating content. English has both formal and informal terms that apply to various settings. Informal phrases are typically shorter than their formal counterparts. For example, “I’d like to get that bank job you’ve got in the paper” versus “I would like to apply for the position of bank teller advertised in the Local Tribune.” English has more words than any other language. It has multiple synonyms for almost any word being translated and 16 verb tenses for any action.
With English having such distinct obstacles in translation, it’s helpful to use an industry-leading translation service that can predict and overcome them.

Advantages of English Translation Services from Bureau Works

Extensive QA: Our quality assurance (QA) process ensures all content is thoroughly proofread and edited to eliminate any grammatical or spelling errors, along with guaranteeing it meets cultural standards.

Automated Localization: We reduce the strain of project management by combining algorithms that control assignment matching and continuous localization tools to update your future content, giving you the freedom to focus on other things.

Transparent Pricing: Our pricing packages provide a transparent view of what services are included in your package. We have three solution engagement tiers priced to fit any budget.

Expert Linguists: We enlist a wide range of linguists who can quickly adapt your content to various languages and specific regions. They are also subject matter experts in numerous areas to better understand your content and maintain its integrity in new markets.

Accessibility: We facilitate open communication between our clients and our linguists to ensure the translated content meets the company standards and makes it easy to resolve issues. Our platform also allows clients to follow the workflow of projects, so they are always up-to-date on what’s happening.

Our team provides professional localization strategies that will allow you to scale your business without worrying if your translation service can meet the demand. We can help you streamline your new market entry successfully.

Bureau Works is an industry leader in localization management and provides world-class translations. Contact our team to learn more about our English translation services.

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