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Wada’a Fahel
Localization Manager, Harley-Davidson

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Bureau Works FAQ for Translation Clients

First, let’s start by tackling the million-dollar question: what is Bureau Works?

Bureau Works is a lot of things:

Bureau Works is a standalone localization platform (tech for my in-house team).

Bureau Works is a self-ordering translation marketplace (to quickly order translations).

Bureau Works is a tech-enabled translation agency (a turbo-powered translation agency).

As you can see, we are many things.

While that does make it complicated for us to explain what it is we do, it also offers unparalleled flexibility in building solutions that solve things at the root level for you and your organization.

Bureau Works’ partners range from early-stage start-ups to consolidated industry leaders in different geographies and industries. However, they all share a common trait: they are looking for a reliable, responsive and transparent tech-enabled language services provider to help them get their content to their international markets seamlessly and efficiently.

We list some of the reasons why our clients like our platform and trust our services:

  • No need to send confidential files by email or external sharefiles – our platform puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to quote (and approve) your translation projects yourself with just a few clicks
    • for further information on how our platform works, please refer to the following article
  • Radical transparency in everything we do – our clients know exactly what they are paying for and the exact delivery date for the translations before they actually approve the cost; by using the translation memory technology, we are able to pass on savings to our clients
    • for further information on how the translation memory technology works, please refer to the following article
  • A curated and highly-selective network of over 36,000 linguists spread throughout the world, with different expertises and backgrounds, which puts us in a position to translate all types of content into virtually any language
    • for further information on our translators, please refer to the following article
  • Communicate your way and enjoy full ownership over your glossary management with our glossary management tool
    • for further information on our glossary management tool, please refer to the following article

We are proud to be currently partnered with over 300 clients spread all over the world. In case you want to learn more about what we can do for your company, feel free to book time with us here

Our platform allows glossary set up in order to standardize industry-specific or internal terms for each one of our clients.

Setting up a glossary is also important to keep consistency across different translations. Thus, glossaries are a strategic tool that helps us deliver better quality to you!

On top of that, glossaries should not be understood as static lists, but rather as a dynamic base that may (and should) be updated at your convenience.

Glossaries may be filled out by both our linguists and our clients:

    • Conducting extensive research is part of a translator’s job description, which means that every time a translator is assigned to a new project, they must search for content previously published by the client in the public domain to identify industry-specific or internal terms.
    • Once the term is added to the glossary, it is made available to all translators that may be assigned to projects requested by that specific client in the future
    • We highly recommend that our clients share their industry-specific or internal terms (which may be provided to us before we actually kick-off our first project with them to make sure that terminology is spot-on right from the start)
    •  Our clients may simply send over their glossary base in Excel or Word format or alternatively, they may take advantage of our terminology management tool and fully own their terminology!
    • If you would like to learn more about our terminology management tool, feel free to book time with us through this link, or alternatively, please check minute 1:30 and beyond of the following vídeo.

With over 36,000 translators spread all over the world, we are certainly partnered with the right linguist to translate your documents!

  • Based on historic data and evidence, our AI-driven autopilot assign the linguist who’s in a better position to translate your document
  • At Bureau Works only 4% of applicants make it into our translator pool. Those that make it are continually evaluated for both their linguistic and professional performance
  • Our technology allows us to learn from your needs and feedback so that we become an extension of your team.


Our quality assessment methodology

  • Our linguists are continually evaluated for both their linguistic and professional performance
    • All translations are reviewed by a second translator (also known as reviewer) before they are delivered to the client
    • If needed, the reviewer will adapt the original translation and all changes must be justified and categorized into pre-defined categories
    • Underperforming translators are quickly identified and mentored.
    • Consistent underperformance results in removal from our curated pool.


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