Bureau Works...for Blaise
Automate translation of your technical content

Fast and accurate global technical translation

Blaise (Cognitran) is a perfect tool for managing technical documentation. The Bureau Works integration connects you to the perfect partner for translating your content quickly and easily. Get content to market faster without sacrificing on translation quality.

  • Schedule automated translation cycles conveniently
  • Maximize consistency and scalability of translation
  • Monitor progress on translation jobs in real time
  • Maintain your Blaise content architecture after translation
Fast and accurate global technical translation
Step 1

Talk with our engineers

Our experienced engineers will work with you to get your Blaise instance configured properly.

Step 2

Setup trackable content groups

Whether it’s by equipment model or product category, the Bureau Works team will setup your translation projects to that you can track spending and performance in ways that inform your ROI.

Step 3

Connect and start translating

When the integration goes live, Bureau Works will start pulling translatable content based on established rule. We even support Blaise versioning protocols.

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