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Why having a website in Spanish will be good for your company

We all live in a globalized world. And it is thought to be successful in business sometimes. That is why brands are looking for more and more ways to innovate and internationalize their businesses.
Rodrigo Demetrio
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We all live in a globalized world. And it is thought to be successful in business sometimes. That is why brands are looking for more and more ways to innovate and internationalize their businesses.

Have you ever noticed that most large companies have a website in Spanish?When we talk about internationalization, we have to keep in mind some crucial factors to gather good results in this endeavor. For example, it is important to not only translate your content, but also apply localization techniques in order to really touch the hearts of your targeted audience.

A way that many businesses are finding to innovate is creating an ecommerces or some type of platform that deals directly with the consumer. These are called DTC companies and can benefit greatly from content translation to Spanish. In this sense, one of the best ideas to really capture a prospective client is to speak directly to them.

How to do it? Having your website in Spanish is one of the best ways you can achieve this

Why translate your website to Spanish

America’s Spanish population is growing - and fast. Nowadays, Hispanics are responsible for more than half of the United States population growth. According to the Census Bureau, from 2010 to 2020 it was responsible for 51.1% of the country’s growth. Thus bringing the total number of Latinos in the United States to 62.1 million in 2020.And that’s not all there is! The Eleventh Federal Reserve District recently announced that the number of Latinos will exceed 20 million people - this is only in the state of Texas.

The population of people who identify as multiracial, no surprise, is also growing. As is the share of Hispanics who speak English - what we call a bilingual person. Currently, 72% of people who identify as Latinos and are aged 5 or older speak English. Great news, right? So why translate your content to Spanish after all?

Captivate the targeted group’s emotions

As we said earlier in this text, efficient communication is not only about being understood by someone. It is also about knowing how to get their attention, to make them feel special and like they are cared for. This is where translating your website to Spanish comes to play. Even if you reach a population who knows how to speak English, talking their mother-tongue shows that your company is trying to reach out to them and adapt to the targeted public.

Reach more people

Bilingual people, as the name suggests, can communicate in more than one language. This means that they can use their devices in any language. Actually, Google says that more than 30% of the online media in the United State’s internet is consumed by browsers who use Spanish and English as their set language interchangeably.As a rule, if a person’s household language is Spanish, their devices will be in the language - even if they can speak English fluently. Since advertisements have language targets, those are often a miss for many companies. This is a group that has been vastly overlooked by companies and advertisers. However, it has major revenue potential for those who want to conquer new markets.

How to create SEO strategies in Spanish

Writing online is an art. Therefore, brands need to hire professionals that know how to communicate well. In this sphere, there are some SEO strategies that need to be thought of. When we talk about Spanish content, there are specific approaches that a brand can have to captivate a potential customer.

Tailored Content

It takes more than merely translating your content to Spanish in order to talk to your targeted audience. That is because there are more than 580 million people who speak Spanish in the world. They come from 19 different countries and talk in different manners. This means that you have to really know the dialect and the culture of the targeted audience you are trying to reach.

The Latino community in America has great economic potential - and there is a right way to communicate with them!Search Engine Optimization is really important when using localization. For it to be successful, the campaign has to be idealized in all elements and segments. So do your homework! Search for keywords, write blog posts and blogger outreaches and you will soon be talking to your new customers!

Understand how the audience interacts

It comes with no surprise that, in order to communicate with a group, you have to know about them. Hence, you must learn how the Latino community interacts with the Internet and social media. Do they use it in a more professional manner? Are they used to online shopping? How much time do they spend on each social media platform? Those are all valid questions that you should know the answer to in order to succeed in this new market. Don’t worry! We can give you a sneak peek at it. Research made in 2015 found out that 66% of the Hispanic audience paid attention to online ads. A pretty big number, right?  In this sense, it is important to keep a report on your online numbers to monitor closely your success.

Translating your website to Spanish is a great way to diversify your company’s market presence. You really do not have anything to lose by using this strategy - and a whole lot to gain!

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