The Works of Bureau #1 (CTO Updates)

Hello everyone! This is the first of a series of posts that aim to keep you updated with the development and new features in Bureau Works
Henrique Cabral
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Hello everyone! This is the first of a series of posts that aim to keep you updated with the development and new features in Bureau Works, as well as relevant industry facts and also some randomness from the Internet—I get way too bored writing serious emails so I hope you take these with a light heart!To get started, Godzilla will premiere on May 30, but luckily someone in Europe already managed to find the ultimate weapon to destroy GOJIIIIIIIRAAAA… apparently Godzilla is now one of the good guys, so I can’t wrap my mind around it, well, there. (hat tip to u/PetenkaLim on Reddit for the photo!)Moving on, what do we have here… oh, Glossary for this edition:

  • CLI: Command Line Interface
  • CI/CL: Continuous Integration / Continuous Localization
  • Autopilot: ability to magically send jobs to the right people, based on their quality scores, feedback and other metrics available in Bureau Works.


#1 Xero Accounting Software Integration**We have finished and are running the final tests for our Xero integration. Platform clients can use this to connect to their Xero accounts and automatically create payables and receivables stemming from Bureau Works project management activities. We used to spend a few hours every week feeding Xero using spreadsheets, so I decided I could spend a few hours in a given week and just pull together the integration to allow our dear controller Ali to focus on better things. If you use Xero and you are considering (or already using) Works…boom, I just dropped the mic for you.

#2 Better language management in CI/CL projects with the bwx CLI tool

When we setup clients to manage CI/CL (continuous integration / continuous localization) projects, it’s common to define a set of languages that will be used as targets in all projects. There are situations, however, where you want to specify a language explicitly. With bwx, to start a project for all default languages you would do:

bwx continuous -t ios -f Localizable.strings -r ‘Your crazy good project reference’

And voilà, a CL is project created in the CAT tool with the 20-some languages you pre-configured in your client profile. If, however, you have a job in a couple languages, you could do something like this:

bwx continuous -t ui -f strings.xliff -r ‘Yet another amazing ref code’ -l pt_br,es_es

This will create a new project, only going into Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Spain). Pretty cool, eh?If you want to learn more about BWX/CLI/CL and understand these acronyms and parameters, go here!

#3 Autopilot is running full force!

With the relentless help of our CEO, Gabriel Fairman, autopilot is running for virtually every project in any language. We are not Tesla, but our Autopilot feature takes GREAT care of our Project Managers and Vendors… ;)So this is how it works: Emails and Skype messages become white noise very, very quickly. So we realized that our people are much better at checking their jobs in Bureau Works than responding to messages and emails. This means that we can help our Project Managers focus on productive tasks rather than pester our linguists - and also allow them to have more time to discuss this season (and series finale) of Game of Thrones.Topics: Technology

Written by Henrique Cabral

Henrique is a partner at Bureau Works as well as the CTO. He also speaks code and loves racing cars.

Henrique Cabral

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