March 2022 Release

BWX Editor's comments icons and notifications
Rodrigo Demetrio
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Vendor users may export the Loc-kit or bilingual XLIFF from their Dashboard

Allows linguists to export the Loc-kit and/or bilingual XLIFFs from their own Dashboard.

Why this is helpful

Gives autonomy to Vendor users to export XLIFF on their own without other Users intervention (PMs and Account-Admin users)

Take noteTo upload the XLIFF file back to BWX (currently only available for PM or Account Admins), the vendor needs to ensure that the XLIFF structure is intact when exporting the final XLIFF from the CAT tool used to edit the content. Structural changes may prevent the file to be imported back into BWX or cause issues with the translated content in BWX.

ImportantThis action is only available for Vendors with the permission “Project Export or Import File", which can be set by any Account-admin user.

Reference files can be viewed and downloaded from the BWX Editor

Allows Vendor users to view and download reference files (if any) from the BWX Editor menu

Why this is helpful

Reference files uploaded to a Project Manager will be available for download for all Vendors assigned to the tasks in that project

Take noteOnce a PM or Account-Admin user uploads a reference file to a project, all vendors assigned to any tasks in this project will be able to download the reference files from the BWX Editor.

BWX Editor's comments icons and notifications

A Comment Icon will be displayed in commented segments, making it easier for the users to identify segments with comments.

The user will also be notified once there are new comments in the segment they made a comment.

Why this is helpful

Helps users to identify which segments have comments.

Projects page - Advanced filters

Allows users to find projects from source content or filename using the Advanced filters on the Projects page.

Why this is helpfulAllows the Project Managers to find files/specific content with more ease.

BWX Editor’s word count in Work Units

The Source word count and Work Unit characters will be displayed in BWX Editor

Why this is helpful

Information about the number of words and characters confirmed and total will be clearer and more objective.

Move cursor to the next unconfirmed segment automatically

Once a Vendor user confirms a segment the BWX Editor will move the user to the next unconfirmed segment.

Why this is helpful

Scrolling down won’t be necessary to move to the next unconfirmed segment. It saves time and the linguists will have a clearer view of unconfirmed segments.

Project Instructions update in Approved status

Allows users to save instructions after the creation of Tasks (project status Approved).

Why this is helpfulGives the possibility to update instructions during project development.

Take note: Instructions will be only available in BWX editor after the project approval (when the Tasks are created).

BWX Editor’s work unit level counters (for Joined Work Units)

Adds the  icon, which shows confirmed and total words, segments, and character count at work unit level even in Joined Work Units.Why this is helpful

Information about the number of words and characters confirmed and total will be clearer and more objective.

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