Language is beautiful, right? I speak Portuguese, I egotistically and egocentrically say it’s a beautiful language, it sounds nice and musical. Like every other language, some sentences can be extremely complex, and sometimes they can be extremely simple.

The title of this article is an actual phrase. You can say that anywhere in Brazil, from the tip to the toe of the land, and virtually everyone will understand it – it means it’s already there. Jokingly we could also say “Ó o auê aí ó”, and still is something fairly understandable. “Ó o auê aí ó”, a phrase with slangs and abbreviations composed only with vowels means “Hey, mind the confusion there, OK?” – something like that.

My first professional gig was to translate a magazine article for my mom’s friend at work. She had a 2-page article in English that she needed it translated to Portuguese, and I was well into my (very confident) 4th year of English school, so needless to say my proficiency sucked. I was 11, I think, I did “translate” the words, she was happy and paid me the monies.

Just a few years after this first gig, and after navigating different industries, I landed my current position at Bureau. We’ve put together an amazing team, including old friends, to build our platform. Portuguese is loudly spoken in offices, airports and bars across the US. Life really is full cycle sometimes.

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Written by Henrique Cabral

Henrique is a partner at Bureau Works as well as the CTO. He also speaks code and loves racing cars.

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July 31, 2019

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