We missed the updates in the last few weeks. So without further ado, let’s jump in the new stuff:

Agora – a simple messaging and communications framework

Inside the BWX Project page, and now available in the Editor, you can exchange messages with your team on the topics of project items, or down to a segment level. The same message added to a segment in the Translation phase will be visible for reviewers and other stakeholders, including in follow-on workflows, like Review, Approval, etc.

More Agora features:
  • User tagging/mention
  • Private messages/notes
  • Receive email notifications when people reply to your messages

New Connector: Pendo

You can now automate your Pendo guides and experiences translations automatically with the help of BWX! In the coming weeks we will make available a REST-based connector that is able to monitor and pull your Pendo contents for translation projects, and automatic delivery upon completion.

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Project Maintenance

We have added back the basic functionality to add/remove resources for specific workflows and languages within a project. Normally, a file will be used across all languages of a given project, in multiple workflows. With this feature, you can now add and remove files given specific workflows AND languages. Tell me about complex projects, but hey, they happen. =)

Further Important Changes

  • Upon detection of “special” characters in YAML, the content is automatically wrapped in quotes to avoid parsing errors.
  • Improvements on the shortcuts Ctrl+Z or CMD+Z and Ctrl+Shift+Z or CMD+Shift+Z for segments in Editor.
  • Allows locking/unlocking of non-translatable, propagate across all workflows.
  • Many performance improvements in log file generation, cost calculation and translation downloads.


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December 13, 2021

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