BWX Improvements - June 2022

Oh June, the one month we all seem to need 62 days but we’re only granted 31. So knowing how busy we all are this month, let's cut to the chase!
Rodrigo Demetrio
2 min
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Allow users that have access to the tasks of a given language in a project (regardless of the workflow step) to access an uploaded PDF file and add notes/markups to it. To access the PDF QA Tool manual, click here

Why this is helpful

Gives the possibility to handle the PDF file QA without having to leave the BWX Editor.

Group Permissions

Allows creation of groups of users by Account-Admins in order to grand system/action permissions to all included in that groupWhy this is helpful

This feature brings agility and safety to the management of user permissions within the platform.

Take noteAccount-Admin users cannot view/edit permissions (yet), at the moment a Sysadmin user is needed for this action.

Reviewer's name update in Quality Reviews for Vendor’s dashboard

Hides the Reviewer name information for Vendor users.

Why this is helpful

Restrict access to this information, allowing it only to be viewed by users who have access to the Quality Report, like PMs

Additional permission to allows users with the Client role to approve a project

Gives the possibility for Client users to approve projects that is in Pending state and with the costs calculated.Why this is helpfulProvides more autonomy for Clients and optimize the approval process.

Take noteClient users can only change the status of projects from PENDING -> APPROVED, not being allowed to change from DRAFT -> PENDING or others.

Project costs - Minimum fee

Automatically sets a pre-configured minimum fee (from a Pricelist) for projects.

Why this is helpfulAutomates cost creation for smaller projects.

Autopilot improvement - New status "Awaiting” for tasks

A new status that informs when the Vendor must wait for the previous step/workflow to be marked as Delivered to start its work since it is still in progress. It also shows the estimated completion date for the previous workflow step based on the due date set for the task in the previous workflow step.Why this is helpfulAvoids confusions when a task is ready or not for a Linguist, making the translation process between vendors clearer.

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Rodrigo Demetrio
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