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Best Business Translation Services

Business Translation Services are available in the market to ensure the quality and linguistic accuracy and consistency in a document. To provide this job properly, a company must have a competent team.
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Best Business Translation Services

Business Translation Services are available in the market to ensure quality, linguistic accuracy, and consistency in a document. To provide this job properly, a company must have a competent team. This includes capacitated and experienced professionals that can provide such service. More than “just” linguistic proficiency, however, this type of service also counts on translators and project managers that have experience using localization as a way to improve each translation. As you probably know, localization is the art of “translating” cultural aspects of a document. This means that the professional is aware of both the original and the target language's perks, as well as the terms commonly used and how each subject must be tackled in specific contexts.

Why do you need business translation services?

Business translation services are required for a number of reasons. First, its most common use is for expanding a costume and creating customer experiences. Its scope of duties includes not only the technical translation of documents but also content writing and proofreading, editing, and localization. As a result, these services are very cost-effective for companies. It also reduces costs and saves time since qualified linguists can quickly translate the translation.

Best companies in the market

Although it is a highly offered (and wanted) service, these are not easy for companies to provide. However, there are some pretty good ones out there!

1. Bureau Works

Bureau Works logo

Bureau Works is one of the leading companies in this sector. The company offers a wide range of services, including a professional translation team that provides high-quality translations. Bureau Works developed its own proprietary algorithm using innovative technology in order to complete any translation project quickly and accurately. Nonetheless, it is important to know that all translations are done by humans, not the platform, making the company stand out in the market. The brand currently offers translations in more than 134 languages and solutions for areas such as localization, content, marketing, eLearning, apps, product, multilingual, and internationalization.

2. Stepes

Stepes logo

Stepes provides high-quality translation services for documents and digital content. The company offers business translation services in more than 100 languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. Like Bureau Works, Stepes relies on professional linguists. Moreover, the brand time service model. This means their translations will deliver fast and provide your translation before the deadline.

3. Mars Translation Services

Mars Translation Services logo

With more than 6000 certified translators working for the company, Mars Translation Services provide business and other translation services, as well as localization solutions to various segments of global business. Mars Translation is one of the few companies that have an ISO 9001:2008 certificate that guarantees they never compromise the quality of their translations

4. Tomedes


Tomedes is a brand that offers not only translation services in popular languages but also interpretation, proofreading, and content writing solutions. The company currently translates into more than 100 languages, including English, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

5. Language Connections

Language Connections logo

Created in 1993, Language Connections has been offering translation services for almost 30 years now. The brand focuses on B2B language services and has already worked with Ivy League universities, Law Firms, and Federal Agencies in the United States. What ensures the company's success is its highly qualified professionals - human translators who have to pass a test the company provides to work with them. Their team consists of native speakers of over 100 languages. Like the other companies listed here, they offer translations in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

6. Straker Translations

Straker Translations logo

Straker Translations is one of the most recognized names in the translation business. According to the company, they provide the “easiest, smartest, and fastest translations.” Even as a fairly new agency - they were founded in 2010 - they already served more than 5000 clients. This client list includes names such as Nike, Nissan, and AECOM. Its services are provided by experienced professionals supported by its AI platform. That way, they combine cutting-edge machine translation technology, capable linguists, and automation. Straker is already present in nine countries, such as the United States, Germany, and Japan, and counts with more than 1300 translators.

7. The Language Doctors

The Language Doctors logo

The Language Doctors have more than 20 years of experience working in the area. Altogether, the company has completed more than 20000 projects in more than 300 languages. The brand has worked with private companies, as well as Government and non-government organizations. Their most explored areas are financial assistance, insurance policies, legal services, infotech, media, and entertainment.

8. GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription logo

GMR Transcription is focused on offering translation services for companies looking to expand their services and markets. They specialize in areas such as Advertising, Lega, Tourism, and Health Services.  The company’s team includes a number of specialist professionals in languages such as English to Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese, among others. The company’s team includes a number of specialist professionals in languages such as English to Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese, among others.

9. Language Line Solutions

Language Line Solutions logo

Fluent Language Solution is a company founded in 1989. Throughout those years, the brand has provided quality translations and interpretations in multiple languages for a number of clients in areas like Legal, Medical, and Marketing. In 2012, Fluent Language Solution was bought by LanguageLine Onsite, now counting with 7.000 interpreters. The company has more than 180 languages in its portfolio, including American Sign Language (ASL).

10. Nitro Business Translation Services

Nitro Business Translation Services logo

According to the Nitro Business Translation Services website, 60% of a translation can be done within 2 hours. Guessing from their client's feedback, it is true - they can provide qualified translations in a very short turnaround time. This is possible because they count with around 700 linguists that are ready to make any translation - with no minimum amount to order. Unlike the other translation companies around, they provide translations in only 70 languages. Providing high-quality Business Translation Services is not an easy task - even if it seems like it. If you are looking into hiring a company to make this service, ensure they have an experienced and multi-qualified team that can work with both grammatical accuracy and localization.

11. LionBridge

Lionbridge Translation Company is a global leader in translation and localization services, providing a wide range of language solutions to businesses and organizations across various industries. With over 25 years of experience, Lionbridge has a team of more than 6,000 employees worldwide and a network of over 500,000 language experts.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of translation services, including document translation, website localization, software localization, multimedia localization, and interpretation services in other languages. Lionbridge also provides language consulting, translation quality assurance, and testing services to ensure accuracy, cultural relevance, and consistency across all languages and platforms.

12. Andovar

Andovar is a global translation company that specializes in providing high-quality translation and localization services. With over 1,000 linguists across the globe, Andovar has been providing translation software localization services for over a decade to businesses of all sizes. Their services include website localization, multimedia localization, document translation, and more. Andovar is known for its efficient project management, quality assurance processes, and technology-driven approach to translation.

Benefits of using Business Translation Services

As we mentioned above, this type of translation is some of the most important types of professional translation services out there. It is used specially when businesses are growing internationally or in new markets. Therefore, translating for companies that are growing is one of the most requested tasks for professional translators. Still, some people may think hiring your own freelance translator is better than hiring a specialized agency. Why choose business translation services anyhow? At the end of the day, an agency specialized in business translations does a more complete job than any single translator. This is not because he or she is incompetent but simply because these companies have the tool required to provide a better - and more consistent - job. See here some of the benefits hiring a company specialized in this kind of professional translation services can bring to a company!

High Quality

The best reason to hire this type of translation service is the quality of the documents translated.  That is precisely why many brands choose to use this more accurate translation service instead of freelance translators, for example. Since companies specializing in this use highly skilled professionals paired with powerful AI softwares, there is always assured quality to the end result.


Localization is key for effective communication in any field. By using this, you will ensure that your translated documents are grammatically correct and relatable to the local language of your targeted public. This is something that comes in handy not only when a brand is entering a new market but also when trying to consolidate its own image to a determined target audience. Can you imagine the damage using a wrong term or even talking about a taboo subject in a culture can bring to a company? Qualified translation done by capacitated professionals prevents this from happening!

Bond with the client

The public likes to think they are special in the eyes of a company. Thus, using the same content for different targeted groups may not be a good idea just because they speak the same language. Take, for instance, the Spanish language. Using the same translation may sound like a good idea, but companies should not do that. Latin American countries (and Spain) vary in culture, language barriers, and habits from each other. Hence, content that has the Argentines as the targeted public should not use the same strategy as one that has, let’s say, Colombia as a new market. By using this strategy, you will make sure your public knows how important they are to your public and how you value them.


As much as growing is important, having a consistent presence in your chosen field is mandatory for any company. That is why all the translations must follow their own standard. One can not be different from another. This is something that can be easily achieved by hiring the right type of translation service. Using this type of translation is a fairly more reliable way of translating documents than contacting different professionals. A business expanding internationally has a great amount of content to be translated. This means they will have to use more than one professional to complete this task. When doing it all with the same agency, you keep consistency in the documents translated. Therefore, there will not be many discrepancies between the translations.

Effective SEO Strategies

SEO is one of the most required strategies for companies. In short words, it is related to websites and how search engines recognize it. Expanding a business internationally means entering a new searching tool. Therefore, knowing how to perform well in it is an advantage for any company. This service allied with AI softwares can optimize keyword research and mapping. This will, in turn, generate good results not only in your SEO strategy, but also your marketing and content strategies.

Compliance with laws

Every country has different rules and laws regulating it’s communication and marketing areas. Not following these regulations can bring a huge hole in the budget for companies. Let’s take for example Brazilian regulatory laws regarding advertising and market strategies for pesticides. Companies can not interact with people or post about products using their full name. If a company that is growing into Brazil’s market does not know about that, there is a huge chance they will face big judicial and financial problems in the future. Business translation services avoid this kind of situation, since the business translation agency is specialized in each new market. Therefore, it knows how to comply with every region’s laws.


Any successful business must have credibility. How can this be achieved when a full translation service is not done properly? Yeah, precisely. Companies that provide such service have a higher rate of credibility especially due to the quality control and consistency of their content. And being credible is important not only when facing clients but also when talking to potential partner brands and suppliers.

Help to grow your business

All the benefits mentioned above will not only avoid problems for your company but ultimately optimize your services. When you use this type of translation technique, you will help grow your business. This is achieved either by avoiding problems with each country’s law or cultural miscommunication. It is an essential service to hire when a company is growing. However, more important than hiring the service, it is important to choose wisely between agencies. As much as a professional can work well solo, an agency provides expertise and tools that are above and beyond any single translator can bring. Using this service and AI softwares can improve many sectors of a company. That goes from the translation itself to SEO strategies, marketing materials, content, localization and so on.  Here, we listed a few of the best companies specialized in business translations as well as the benefits a brand can have from using this service.

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