April 2022 Release

BWX Editor’s character counting at segment level
Rodrigo Demetrio
2 min
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BWX Editor’s character counting at segment level

Adds a counter to the BWX Editor where the number of Characters is displayed, for both source and Target languages.

Why this is helpful

Makes the information needed for character-limited strings/segments explicit.

New QA Check feature - Inconsistent Translation warning

New warning in the Editor’s QA Check that is trigged when there are different translations for the same source segment.

Why this is helpful

Allows the users to easily detect and then fix inconsistent translation, to ensure standardization accross the entire text.

New QA Check feature - Glossary warning

New warning in the Editor’s QA Check that is trigged when there are segments with terms present in the glossary that were not added to the target (translation).

Why this is helpful

Identifies possible glossary terms omission that may exist in the translation.

Glossary term edition in Editor

Allows the users to easily edit highlighted glossary terms that are present in the editor.

Why this is helpful

Makes easier the the term edition without the need of typing the entire term all over again to be able to edit it.

Vendor’s translated XLIFF files (from Loc-kit) reimport

Allows the linguist to import back from their home dashboard through the “Import/Export” dropdown.

Why this is helpful

Gives more autonomy to the Vendor and removes the obligation of the PM to execute this action.

ImportantThis action is only available for Vendors with the permission “Project Export or Import File", which can be set by any Account-admin user

Glossary term addition from BWX editor

Allows users to add a new term to a Glossary and choose between the multiples glossaries (that are associated with that project) from the BWX Editor.

Why this is helpful

Improves the terminology update experience, directly from the Editor.

Take noteThis functionality is currently only available for Account_Admin (unless the user holds the “Add Terms to Glossary" permission), since it allows Terms and their respective translations to be added directly to a glossary without pre-approval

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