5 Reasons Why Bureau Works Is a Perfect Translation Backup Provider

You may already have a trusted translation provider you work with. We get it. However, just like having a generator in case of a power outage can come in handy, having a backup translation provider can be a smart choice too.
Gabriel Fairman
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There are 5 main reasons why Bureau Works is such a great option as your provider for a rainy day.

Old School x Translation Platform

Reason # 1 - Other than the quotes you approve, it’s FREE!

This reason kind of speaks for itself. There are no hidden fees for platform access. You can quote as much as you would like and you will only pay for the projects that you sign off on.


With every change you make, with every term you add, we learn.

Reason # 2 - Quotes are ridiculously fast, nearly instant, to be accurate!

Bureau Works provides instant quotes in over 22 file extensions (To read more on the file extensions we support for instant quoting, click here). This means you don’t have to exchange two or three emails and then wait sometimes more than a day to hear back from your Project Manager. Knowing instantly how much your project will cost you saves you precious time and makes it easy to make quick and smart business decisions.

Create projects through our online templates or connectors.

Reason # 3 - It’s cost-effective and a great sanity check

Translations can become very expensive as you add content and languages to the mix. If you are in doubt about whether or trusted provider is quoting in the most effective way and want to have additional data points to make sure that what you are seeing is reasonable and fair, all the more reason to upload your files to our platform and instantly check whether the price and the turnaround time makes sense. At best, you’ll be able to make a better decision on which conditions best fit your needs. At worst, you’ll know that your trusted provider is fast, cost-effective, and reliable.

translation memory

Never pay twice for the same string.

Reason # 4 - It’s easy to setup

Upload your Translation Memories and glossaries easily into our platform and download them at any time. This will ensure that our quotes leverage all your past translations stored in your translation memory and also will ensure that our linguists will adhere to the terminology that makes sense for your brand.

Leverage our online editor for in-country review or post-delivery changes.

Reason # 5 - It can enable things you haven’t imagined before

Bureau Works has a trove of features and possibilities that could make your life a lot easier. You can manage your internal company review and sign-off in our translation editor which enhances reviewer productivity by more than 30% or you can use our video preview tool to edit subtitles in context, time-coded, and render all your changes in real-time. Take advantage of our 36,000 professional translators covering over 100 languages all over the world. Or leverage our web preview feature to preview how your site or app is rendering as well and you can ensure your SEO keywords are translated correctly through our automated quality checkers.

Consolidate your comms at the project level to make it easy for everyone to be on the same page.Bureau Works is about making complex translation scenarios into easy solutions. We put together a strong service backbone with best-in-class translation technology to provide our clients with features that distinguish us from traditional translation agencies. Automated quoting, real-time project tracking, a proprietary translator ranking system, and a wide range of connectors make it easy for our clients to run everything from one-off translations to complex continuous localization scenarios. As much as you love your trusted partner, there may come a day when they are unable to meet your business needs due to a peak in demand, an unexpected downturn in translator availability, or other situations that may result in unmet needs. Our tech makes it easy to set up your environment so that it’s there, available for you, in case of a rainy day. Get started now.

Gabriel Fairman
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