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Our eLearning translation services include:

Course translation is exported into our unique proprietary translation management system
We ensure governance, traceability, quality, and consistency throughout the translation process
Optional in-country review process within our translation environment that minimizes the potential for post-delivery re-work
Courses are rebuilt in their target languages with our engineering team
Multimedia assets such as videos, subtitles, and voice-overs are processed
We provide QA from both a functional and linguistic perspective
Turn-key localization assets are delivered that will maximize adoption for your global learners

eLearning localization is a necessary component of any international employee training program. As businesses and our economy become increasingly globalized, organizations need personnel all over the world to manage everything from technical issues to customer care. Training them means creating a suite of materials in their native language that accurately reflects your company culture, values, and expectations.

What to Look for in eLearning Translation Services

When you have a partner experienced in eLearning translation services, they help you to develop a strong process that leverages opportunities for automation and centralization. Here’s what to look for:

A robust platform

The service provider should offer a robust platform that integrates with your existing content and learning management systems. A smart platform streamlines workflows and allows you to track project status easily.

eLearning experts

Having translators with elearning backgrounds is important to ensure you get the right match for your content. They will be better able to understand what your workers need in order to do their jobs and fit into the company culture.

Multimedia capabilities

You should not have to seek out ten different providers to translate all your material. The right provider will be set up for multimedia capabilities to adapt all of your content, including videos, audio files, graphics, and more.

Transparent communication

You should be able to see exactly where your content is in the pipeline and reach out to your translators all in one space. With transparent communication, you can develop truly efficient feedback and revision processes and sign off on content to keep things moving along.

Granular reporting

If you’re having issues in a specific area, you should be able to review the overall workflow in detail to understand why. With easy access to quality data, it’s much easier to discover why translated material is not falling short in a certain locale or where the weak links are in your content pipeline.

Challenges in eLearning Localization

eLearning localization is not a turnkey process. You’re going to need stakeholder buy-in and a clear, well-established strategy. Plus, it’s important to be aware of how these strategies are often complicated by common elearning challenges.

Multiple Reviewers

Companies may have entire teams handling content, so it’s challenging to choose a single person to take ownership. However, a single content owner is an absolute necessity to keep from creating disjointed results and contradicting directives.

Multimedia Assets

Rarely is an elearning program made up of a single type of content. Instead, there will be a mix of videos, infographics, slideshows, and text files for the most effective learning programs. Your localization process must be ready to handle multimedia assets.

Complex Rollouts

In an effective elearning localization strategy, content is reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. Keeping up with the content development and necessary changes along the way ensures that issues are resolved early and future translations can build off of those existing approvals.

Continuous Changes

The reviewer’s content sign-off should be respected. After that point, changes become more difficult to implement. Retroactive feedback from managers should be kept to a minimum in order to streamline workflows and minimize stress all around.

eLearning localization is never an easy process, but the right partner can make it less stressful, more successful, and even enjoyable.

Bureau Works guides you through internationalization with an end-to-end solution that works with your entire content ecosystem and automates many common tasks

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