Multilingual DTP (Desktop Publishing)

Whether it’s a simple Adobe InDesign brochure, a WordPress web page, or a complex Storyline e-Learning, you will likely need a layer of multilingual layouting in order to get your content market-ready.


Language is tricky

Getting your text translated is typically only a piece of the larger localization puzzle. Text that has been authored in some kind of editing software will typically require adjustments in order to become market-ready.

When going from some languages to others, words can become:

Text will blow up 💥 its allotted textbox, introduce line breaks in inadequate places, and sometimes display entirely incorrectly due to character encoding issues. It should be easy. But it’s not. That’s why we offer multilingual desktop publishing services.

Multilingual DTP
What we do

Receive for translated assets

In this step, our designers will re-build your translated assets. They will flow back translations using the import/export mechanisms or manually.

Linguistic QA

In this stage, our translators will evaluate the layout in order to check for linguistic considerations such as typos, linebreaks, and character encoding issues. They will flow their findings to our designers who will implement fixes and resubmit for as many rounds as necessary until sign-off.

Prepare your assets for translation

This step alone already requires in-depth knowledge of best practices and in and outs of localization. Some tools have built-in import/export mechanisms for translating content. Some tools don’t have anything built-in and will require manual import/export of every component. Other tools have frameworks for a part of the content but not for all of it while others have a framework that is compatible with some languages but not all of them.

Multimedia capabilities

You should not have to seek out ten different providers to translate all your material. The right provider will be set up for multimedia capabilities to adapt all of your content, including videos, audio files, graphics, and more.

Final Check

Our designers will conduct a final check over the assets to ensure you have a visually appealing product in your language and hand off to our Project Manager for delivery.

DTP: What to watch out for

Thai have diacritics that if positioned slightly incorrectly can result in a text that is difficult if not impossible to read and potentially compromise meaning.

Polish, Russian and German will typically concatenate several terms into larger words that will pose problems from a line break as well as visual perspective depending on how the English work was composed.

Chinese and Japanese will typically lack the character sets used for your English text, particularly if you are working with more customized or brand specific fonts. This will require you to find font equivalents. They may also require you to install additional components or plug-ins to your editing software in order to support these fonts.

French, Spanish and Portuguese can result in significantly longer than the English equivalent material.

Languages that are right-to-left such as Arabic or Hebrew will result in profound changes to layout in order to flow smoothly. This can get particularly tricky if you have words that remain in English mixed with the translated content.

Multilingual DTP Expert Tip

Source file

Make sure you always receive your finalized market-ready assets in published and source format so that you have them for future reference. So if it’s an Adobe Captivate eLearning, make sure you have the captivate package as well as the SCORM package.

Previous review

If you will have people reviewing your content, make sure they get a chance to review before the content is re-built so that you save precious time and money from a process perspective. Submitting feedback to be implemented in the text that has been rebuilt will typically be expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective from a knowledge management perspective.

We can handle any kind of file extensions you send our way!

Why choose us?

Single-Use Clients

No job is too small! If you just have a single page document or basic website for translation, we’re happy to help. Just create an account and connect with thousands of translators ready and willing to take on your project. The best part is if you decide you need more work later, your account is already set up and waiting.

Professional Managed Programs

Our subscription-based program is excellent for small businesses and enterprises with a lot of content to translate, though they may not need total localization management. We leverage translation memories, corporate lexicons, and machine translation to complete your project on time and within budget.

Total Enterprise Solutions

For our enterprise clients, we’re happy to provide a customized option tailored to their unique needs. You’ll benefit from continuous localization, the ability to manage multiple languages, and experience international growth with our top tier solution. The high level of efficiency and quality that we can provide minimizes time-wasting tasks while maximizing your ROI.


We are also happy to connect with linguists to support our ever-growing platform. In fact, our translation management system was designed with you in mind. Get jobs based on your specific skills and leverage top-of-the-line tools to prepare you for success on every job. Learn more about working with us and take your career to the next level!

Our scalable translation management system works in virtually all use cases—from single jobs to extensive programs. By consolidating all the translation tasks into a single platform, we’re able to provide an end-to-end solution that supports continuous localization and automates many time-consuming administrative tasks. Our platform paves your entry into new markets and helps boost your international presence.

Bureau Works can help you successfully enter new markets with our translation management system

Contact our team for more information on how we can augment your localization strategy.

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