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While Japan isn’t among the top ten most populated countries, its financial standing tells a different story. The country boasts the third-largest economy globally, with a GDP of more than $5 trillion. The consumers there possess ample purchasing power, making it a popular target for expansion by many businesses. The most competitive businesses stand out from the rest by using Japanese translation services to target the market.

However, not all services are the same. Japanese translation is complicated, and only the best companies can rise to the challenge. At Bureau Works, we work with top-industry linguists and innovative technology to engage consumers in Japan and expand your reach.

Japanese Translation Challenges

Japanese can be one of the more challenging languages to manage, so a lower-cost solution like generic machine translation won’t be your best option. Even the best linguists run into problems when providing Japanese translation services. Some of the most commonly cited issues include:
  • Kanji: Kanji consists of over 50,000 complex characters where a single brush stroke can change the message’s intent. Even something as simple as the character’s placement in relation to others can also completely change its meaning. Linguists must also consider technical limitations and ensure their platform supports these characters.
  • Equivalency: Japanese includes many words or phrases with no direct literal translations in other languages. This is why machine-translated text in Japanese often comes out nonsensical. The content needs to be rewritten—and even then, multiple passes may still be necessary.
  • Grammar: Many standards in other languages do not exist in Japanese. There is a lack of singular and plural tenses, as plural nouns typically have a number or are clarified through context. There are also no definite or indefinite articles.
  • Intent: Japanese is such a nuanced language that translators must understand the subject matter to express the meaning. Different audiences require targeted translations, so knowing the message’s purpose is vital.
The list of challenges associated with translating to Japanese is expansive. However, with a strong handle on the above four issues, it’s possible to provide expert content for this market.

How Bureau Works Delivers Expert Japanese Translation Services

Our team of linguists is the best resource we provide for delivering premier Japanese translation services. We work with a wide range of industry-leading experts to ensure an accurate, detailed project delivery every time. We also use the latest technology to boost our processes, such as:

CAT Tools

Our linguists have access to computer-aided translation (CAT) tools like translation memories, detailed client profiles, machine translation, and more to help them increase accuracy. Notes and changes that clients make are automatically uploaded to these tools to ensure the program is updated and customized for their needs.

Transparent Workflow

Our localization management platform allows our clients to keep an eye on their projects in real-time. If they see an issue with content, they can reach out early to ensure it’s corrected. This platform also eliminates the need to follow up on work, as they can get a snapshot view at any time.

Tech Support

We don’t just translate content; we provide a thorough audit to ensure characters and coding variations won’t damage the user experience. This step is highly beneficial in managing something as complicated as kanji, where code can easily break and ruin the user experience.


With our quality assurance (QA) step, content always gets a second pass to ensure its intent-related accuracy. Our QA experts guide linguists and help build better content.

Subject Matter Expertise

Linguists must understand your content’s intent to provide Japanese translation services that engage readers. We keep a wide range of linguists with varying backgrounds on staff to ensure exemplary command of both the language and content. Our clients can also request trial periods where the matched translators spend time learning about the client’s products in order to provide better content.

These are just some of the ways we can provide better Japanese translation services than our competitors. Aside from that, we also have a diverse range of capabilities.

What We Translate

Some agencies limit the types of translated content they can provide—not Bureau Works. We specialize in the total content ecosystem. Some standard translation projects include:


Marketing Materials

Corporate Communications

We provide detailed translations for websites, blogs, and other online content while maintaining SEO integrity. We can also provide support for eCommerce pages. Advertising campaigns are tricky as they’re often idiom-heavy. We have the advertising knowledge needed to translate messages to new audiences and win their engagement. Connecting to in-country employees is a challenge. We help by translating corporate communications, onboarding materials, e-learning courses, and other internal documents.


Technical Materials


Apps and software present unique Japanese translation challenges because faulty code can damage the user experience. Our product localization services help to preserve the code that runs your project. Product information and instructions require an additional level of expertise. Our team is aptly skilled to ensure the technical documentation you need is flawless, user friendly, and appropriate for the audience. Not all online content is text-based. We support a range of updates like voice-overs and subtitles for audio and video files to ensure users in new regions can enjoy your entire content library.
Japanese translation services present unique challenges that Bureau Works is prepared to overcome. Our expert linguists and top-of-the-line technology create professional-grade translations every time. If you want to connect with customers in the Japanese market, we can support your localization journey.

Bureau Works offers best-in-class Japanese translation services for a wide range of clients. To learn more about our solutions, contact our team.

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