One of my most recent and fascinating experiments is to hand my Spotify to my kids in the car while driving them to school. The other day, the DJs went from Weezer playing Africa and Ed Sheeran with Shivers. I have no saying, and it’s super fun to watch them argue and decide who gets to choose first, the songs and whether it’s the “clean” version or not.

The last week was full of performance improvements, so there will be no noticeable User Interface changes. The major highlights:

Drupal Connector Async Fetch

Now our plugin will asynchronously download translation from BWX. If a project is too large in Drupal, like more than 20 pages in 20+ languages, it could timeout during the translation Fetch and you would need to repeat the operation. This has been addressed, now no matter the size of your project, BWX will ensure that the final package containing all files and languages is delivered.

Connectors Support for Cloudflare Service Tokens

We can now connect to endpoints (WordPress, etc.) that are served by/with Cloudflare services using Service Tokens.

Translation Memory and Search Optimizations

We have tweaked and changed the behavior of the search operations in translation memories, notably during the translation phase (when you run an entire Translation Memory + Machine Translation round). We have added some new indexes, changed page sizes, number of hits and the result is a much faster operation.

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System Availability

A lot of changes and configurations in the backend means that the production system has been up this entire time. =) All optimizations were hot-deployed including structural changes in databases and Elasticsearch clusters.

Bottom of the News

  • 3,155,615 API calls this week (so far)
  • 6.2% official inflation in the US
  • Some 20+ bugs fixed
  • The Miami Dolphins just won 22-10 against the Ravens – and Tua played!
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November 12, 2021

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