News From the Robots (CTO Update #2)

It’s about time for the second update! I still haven’t figure out a good title for these update entries, so any love for “News From the Robots”? These are some relevant facts (for me, at least) from the last couple of weeks:

  1. vktaz399efz21 (1)Despite the insane amount of tourists, the Amalfi Coast in Italy is increíble and I also found out that I can swim in ice cold waters without major side effects.
  2. I think Bureau Works should have the European HQ in Amsterdam. Just saying… sorry Javi, no plans for Prague yet. ;)
  3. TORONTO RAPTORS! WOW! That was awesome, congratulations! Drake, I thought you rooted for the Miami Heat, but well, the swings of life right? =)
  4. What’s West of Westeros?! HA! Westworld. Nicely played, HBO, great plug. So GoT is done, GoT is the GOAT but Westworld easily fills my necessity to consume lies on Sunday nights. Sincere lies do interest me.

On to business!

#1 Tableau Software Dashboards

Yes, Salesforce bought Tableau this week, but this update regards our shiny new integration with Bureau Works. We’ve been offering the ability to plug a Tableau system to our databases to our Enterprise clients, and now we are starting to roll out dashboards built in Tableau, embedded in Works! If you are interested in this just drop as a line!


#2 Survey Gizmo Connector

One more item added to our stack! You can now use Bureau Works to automatically create multilingual surveys with SurveyGizmo! Our connector will automatically download surveys and questions, and will deploy the translations to new surveys in multiple languages with the press of a few buttons. Ask away!

We have made improvements to our Global Search, that scans all Translation Memories and Term Bases given a certain query. The latest upgrade bumped the search speeds by up to 10x!

#4 More options for creating Zendesk Help Center projects

We have added more granularity when choosing Zendesk articles for projects. Now it’s possible to narrow the scope of new projects by Categories, Sections, whether you want to translate private, promoted and/or draft articles. The Connector also uses an algorithm that detects changes in existing, previously translated articles, as an option for new projects.

That’s all for this edition, peeps! Will bring some more hot stuff in 15 days-ish… ;)

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Henrique Cabral

Written by Henrique Cabral

Henrique is a partner at Bureau Works as well as the CTO. He also speaks code and loves racing cars.

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